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All the times our hearts broke during season 8 episode 4 Game of Thrones

All the times our hearts broke during season 8 episode 4 Game of Thrones

Have you watched the 4th episode of GOT season 8? If no, then there might be some spoilers for you. If you have already watched the episode, then you must know the feeling every GOT fan is going through. Did you expect that Rhaegal will be killed so soon? Did you think that Daenerys would prove to be such hateful? Of course! You must have thought Tyrion Lannister as one of the best characters on this show but this time you must be disappointed with his clever mind and decisions.

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Why ‘The Last of the Starks’ episode is an utter disappointment for the audience? The audience was already disappointed with the episode 3 of season 8 and this disappointment changed to utter grief after seeing the episode 4th. It’s true that one won’t get to sleep while watching this grand show but you won’t feel so nice being a great fan of it. The battle with Whitewalkers is already over and now Daenerys is just looking forward to taking the Iron throne even after knowing that John is Targaryen. Let’s we discuss the main events which happened during this episode:

  • In the beginning, Jon gave a strong speech before burning the dead martyrs in the battle with Whitewalkers. Later on, everyone got happy and started drinking together while Tyrion, Jaime, Podrick and Brienne were together. Dany was praising everyone saying Arya as the hero but later on, she got disappointed when Tormund and all other people were just praising Jon.
  • Tormund has done something which audience loved as he went back to true north and told everyone that Gendry can take lordship being the son of Baratheon and he won’t be considered bastard now. In the meanwhile, Gendry proposes Arya but she refuses him saying that he can get a better lady but Arya is not the one with whom he should marry.
  • If you are one of the greatest fans of the game of thrones, then you must not want Tyrion to behave like an idiot who believes his sister every time. This time Tyrion hasn’t shown his clever mind to the audience.
  • Varys got worried about the mental state of Dany because he believes that she can prove to be a bad monarch. He believes that she might turn into a piece of her father, Aerys, The Mad King. The Game of Thrones Seasons 8 episode 4 let the audience find out that Dany isn’t the rightful heir at all while Tyrion believed that she should be on the Iron Throne.
  • Sansa didn’t want the army to go towards King’s Landing because soldiers were weary but Dany continued to take them for the battle. Rhaegal was killed by some army men and the troops have to return back.
  • Missandei got missing and when Dany went to King’s Landing with Tyrion, Cersei ordered to cut the throat of Missandei. In season 8 game of thrones, everyone god sad when Missandei was killed for no reason.

All in all, Game of Thrones season 8 was longer but there were only a few events which were worth watching. Nothing unusual happened which was expected by the viewers in this season. The story is really easy to predict and surprises were totally missing out here. Although there are no such critical events took place in the season, there are certain overwhelming moments like Gilly and Sam expecting child, Tormund is going to back to their true north along with Ghost and wildlings. There are chances that Varys would try to murder Daenerys because he believes in serving the realm.

There was a scene when John asked Bran to let Arya and Sansa know that they don’t need to tell anything about John being a Targaryen to anyone but Sansa told Tyrion. We don’t even know what was the reaction of Arya and Sansa after listening to this shocking secret. When you turn back to them, ‘The Mountain and the Viper’ episode, you can still feel that rush in your body. There was no battle which has made you happy in season 8. This episode carried dense emotions along with some horrifying moments like Missandei getting killed. Dragons are getting killed in every episode and it is obvious that writers are trying to rush towards the end. It might be possible that they are looking forward to making another television series and forgetting to focus on this one.

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