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Learn about the emotional stories and intelligence of celebrities

Learn about the emotional stories and intelligence of celebrities

There are lots of times when a person can get demotivated and some of you might take the help of the celebrities and famous people who have struggled a lot in their lives. After listening to the struggling stories, it becomes easy for you to continue your life and you also get to learn a lot. If you are feeling stressed just because you have failed once or twice in anything, you don’t need to worry much. According to the latest studies, it has been found that people take failures on their heart and most of them commit suicide due to it.

You don’t need to go through such problems because there are lots of famous celebrities who have worked hard and have managed to achieve a lot in their lives. If you have read a lot of emotional intelligence books and you aren’t able to get inspiration from it, then you can read about the lives of famous celebrities in the world. If you want to help one of your friends who are feeling mentally weak, then you can decide to read out the stories of the following celebrities:

Michael Jackson


Who doesn’t know about the legend   Michael Jackson? He has performed so much well in his life like no one else has done. He is a great philanthropist who performed in the year 1985 to raise money for charity. He had to face a lot of struggles during his early age but he managed to work hard and gain a well-known position in the music industry which won’t fade away ever.  Everyone is known with his emotional intelligence due to which he has given a lot to this world. He has also donated a lot of money to help the people suffering from alcohol abuse and the children who aren't fortuned enough.  

Bill Gates


If you are using Microsoft in your computers, then it has only happened because of Bill Gates.  He has mostly gained his wealth due to Microsoft. His first business idea failed in a really bad way even though he has such a strong business aptitude. His next venture, Microsoft was also related to the technology and he proved himself to the world during the establishment of it.  If he had given up at the trial, then you won’t be taking inspiration from his life. He had fantastic emotional intelligence and it can definitely help every person to live a better life ahead.

J.K. Rowling


If you are an avid book reader, then you must know the famous author, J.K. Rowling who has written Harry Potter series. Her books are valued for around $15 million and most of the people aren’t known with the fact that she has spent a tough life. It must be her inner emotional intelligence which leads her to become a successful writer now.  She was the mother of a little daughter when she used to suffer from abuse and then she took divorce from her husband. She lost her mother and then she had to face a lot of struggles in her life ahead. In the beginning, her first book was rejected by the publishing houses of Britain but then someone said yes and her life turned into a fortune.

Vera Wang

When it comes to the fashion industry, then Vera Wang is a big name because she started designing her dresses at the age of forty when people forget to live their dreams. There are many people who think that one can’t live a better life during the 40s but she is a live example for all those people. When the sports didn’t work out for her, she decided to get into the fashion world and then she got successful.

So, these are some of the stories of the famous celebrities and if you want to fight with the world in a better way to achieve your dreams, then you should have a high emotional intelligence which you can get with the best inspirational books. You can go to the trusted online stores or shops from where you can get the emotional intelligence books and those would inspire you a lot.

There are lots of people who believe that having a strong IQ is important but these celebrities have proved in their lives that emotional intelligence really matters along with your IQ. It plays an important role in every person’s life even if you won’t believe it. So, you can know more about emotional intelligence after you will start reading about it.