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Professional Fortnite and Ninja Players are up in arms with the latest changes

Professional Fortnite and Ninja Players are up in arms with the latest changes

Almost every youngster is interested in playing video games and if you also love to play these games, and then you need to find out the best way with which it would be really easy for you to win while playing the games. The craze of modern video games won’t go away and it is increasing with each passing day. There is a fortnight batch which has changed the speed of the battle royal game but most of the players are really unhappy about it. This update basically removes the health bonus and all the materials which are received by the players after the elimination.

The overall speed of building materials is reduced due to the update and the famous professional Fortnite players named Ninja Blevins, Jack Dunlop are really against these changes. All the pro players of the game have confirmed that it is slowing down the speed of the game and it becomes difficult for the professional players to find competitive game matches now.

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Release of new fortnite update

The fortnite patch 8.20 was released on 26th March and it made a lot of changes in this game. The players are not able to get the bonus health and other items whenever they eliminate other players from the game. It almost takes 40% longer time to find building materials. The harvesting and elimination changes were implemented by Fortnite with 7.40 patches on 19th February. Epic games which are the creator of Fortnite has spent almost six weeks in the collection of data to find the impact of changes on the battles of royal mode. Finally, the team of the game development felt that giving extra health and other building times after killing scores is more rewarding and it shouldn’t be so.  

Ninja is up in arms over the latest changes to the game but not all players are excited about it. The extra health and items made the game more aggressive and took it to an unhealthy level which isn’t good for anyone who plays this game.  All the other strategies are diminished when the extra health is provided to the game players. These changes are basically made to help the new players who don’t know how to play the game and want to learn properly. The rewards are not provided to the pro players for killing the new players and this makes the new players get a chance to play a better game.  Now, it is not confirmed if this game is really welcoming the new and latest changes.

Concerns of the Pro Ninja players  

When the patch 8.20 game dropped, the Tyler Blevins told about his thoughts about this game’s update. When it comes to the famous fortnite player,   then Ninja is famous as he has got more than thirteen million followers on social media to account Twitch. Ninja also said that this technique is really made so that the new players can play the game in a safer manner. It helps in encouraging the competitive players to get into arena mode of the game. Whether the fortnite update is loved by the players or not, it would definitely help the new players and it would be amazing to see the impact of the game in the coming years ahead which will be really fantastic.  

The harvesting changes and health recovery are still available in the 7.40 mode who are interested in playing the game at faster mode. He also told that players who will be in the highest level of this game will have to wait for a long time while playing because most of the community players would only join the regular standard matches.

The professional fortnite players are getting ready for the world cup fortnite match. It would start on 13th April with the weekly qualifiers online. This world cup would have to same rules as it is in the arena mode and that’s why the players won’t be able to use the royal battle mode in order to practice the game for next fifteen days. The famous ninja players say that they only need ten minutes to find the matches in arena mode when they start playing the game in it.  It has become easy for the streamers to rack up killings in between matches and it can be less entertaining. The famous Fortnite ninja players would have to make the most of the new update of the game.