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Rekindle The Erotic Spark In Your Lives

Rekindle The Erotic Spark In Your Lives

Is the spark between you and your partner fading away? Is your foreplay getting repetitive? A lot of men have the idea that the most important aspect of sex is finishing strong. However, if you ever get into a deep conversation with a woman, you will definitely get to know about the importance of foreplay. Sex is an activity in which an individual needs to care about the pleasures, requirements, and satisfaction of his partner as well. Foreplay is important because it helps to set the mood for sex.

Indulging into kinky eroticism before sexual intercourse is sure to rekindle the spark in your life. If you are running out of foreplay ideas and your sex life has lost its charm, you really need to work on it. Here are some of the ways in which you can steam your relationship up in a way like never before! After all, you have to work on your skills in order to make the sex between you and your partner playful and fun.

10 Techniques For Steamy Hot Foreplay

Putting some effort in making your foreplay is totally worth the experience. Here are some of the ways in which you can spice things up between you and your partner:

  1. Swirl And Poke: This is a special kissing technique. When the male partner kisses the female, he can try some innovative ways to please her. For instance, Swirl and Poke is a red hot way to turn the female partner on. While kissing and caressing the female body, the male can relax his lip and swirl his tongue gently around the tips of his woman's body. He can also use the tip of his tongue to poke the gentle parts of the female body. This is damn erotic.

  1. Dry Hump For Immense Sensual Pleasure: Rather than jumping straight into penetration, partners can choose to indulge in some dry jumping. The woman can rub and grind against the thighs of her man. You can do this with or without your clothes on. Get into the action and feel the adrenaline rush in your body.
  2. Men Pay More Attention To Her Feminine Assets: When a couple slips under the sheets and get into the act, the man usually forgets to pay attention to detail. Men pay more attention to your lady's breasts. Men love to cuddle with a woman's breasts. Before rushing to the obvious parts of the female body, the boobs need to be paid attention to. Massaging a woman's breasts with oil can improve the circulation of the blood and relax the woman.
  3. Sensitive Touch: Some places can be extremely sensitive to touch. It's nice to drift away from the obvious body parts and go for the neglected areas. For instance, the part of a male body behind his ears is very sensitive to touch. Create new sensations by gently stroking the area behind his ears with your fingers as you passionately kiss his lips.
  4. Explore New Fetishes: Don't be afraid to try your fetishes out. Some people find it sexy to have sex in front of the mirror. On the other hand, some people like to make love in outdoor areas. Apart from this, give your sex life a hot-and-cold sensation. Experiment with newer and better sensations. Try rubbing chocolate syrup or cream onto your partner's body and gently lick it off.
  5. Use Sex Toys: A sex toy is sure to elevate the level of excitement in your relationship. Imagine putting on a remote control sex toy in public and letting your partner have control of it. Ready to drop those juices?
  6. Tease Your Man: Go as wild and bold as you can. Make your man lay down and gently part his legs. Start licking his inner thighs. Next, make a move which he cannot predict. Create multiple sensations at a time and surprise him. As soon as you are done licking, blow over the same area. Then shower him with kisses. He will be baffled and surprised at the same.
  7. Masturbate In Front Of Your Partner: This can get your partner really turned on. Caress your own body, touch your private parts and look straight into your partner's eyes as you do it. This is not only sexy but also confident. Mutual masturbation is one of the most popular forms of foreplay which most of the couples like to adhere to when they spend some time with each other. If you find it difficult to get into the mood at the very beginning, dim the lights turn on some romantic music and do everything that can boost your seduction. Give your partner a cheeky smile every now and then as you play with your private parts.
  8. Roleplay: Roleplay can get super kinky if done right. Imagine playing the innocent maid who gets banged by her master! The best thing about roleplay is that you can frame the story the way you want. You can add the twists and turns according to your desire. Be the director of your own sex show.
  9. Fancy Ways To Turn Your Partner On Blindfolding your partner can take your foreplay to a whole new level. You can take turns and blindfold each other. Tease and caress each other, brush your fingers against each others’ body. You can also incorporate the use of various textures, like ice, feathers, whip, silk and many more, to tease the different body parts. Induce sexual stimulation around your secondary sex organs by using sex toys like dildos, vibrators and many others. You can also choose to heat or cool the sex toys which will make you gasp for breath!

It's all about spicing up the moment between you and your partner. You can do it in whatever way you want. Adopt the various techniques of foreplay. Trying new methods will help you to explore a whole new dimension of love-making and keep both you and partner satisfied in bed.