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Upcoming Top 5 Super Phones 2019

India has the maximum population of smartphone users in the world. The young India is open to new and advanced technology and look forward towards the best and the most advanced features in a smart phone. So here we have a list of phones that have not yet been launched but hold a promising future in terms of advanced smartphones. Companies like Apple, Samsung, One Plus are regularly upgrading their features to keep a hold of the market.

  1. iPhone 11- The release date for Aplle iPhone 11 will be somewhere around September, but there are certain leaks about the phone for the people that cannot wait to see it.

The new iPhone 11 shall come in as an upgrade version of iPhone XS. Although iPhone XS has already set high standards for its users and rebooted the iPhone X that was launched in 2017. Hence, iPhone 11 will be an upgrade but not a revival of Apple’s smartphone line.

There are reports that the new iPhone may include Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors. This implies that it will have faster face unlock, enhanced Portrait mode depth sensing and some upgraded 3D modeling features in addition to Augmented Reality (AR) implementations.

Talking if the design it is expected to have triple lens camera and glass back with the same arrangements of buttons like in iPhone XS. As per the sources the new iPhone 11 will have a successor- iPhone 11 plus.  Also we have heard that it shall include Wi-Fi 6 connection standards.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +- Samsung has though of bigger things in 2019 with its new launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +. Samsung S10 shall be launched on 20th February at the Galaxy Unpacked. Rumors have it that the phone shall come with in-display fingerprint scanners. Also there have been talks that it shall be moving to 5 cameras (three on the back and two on the front). Also it is said that Samsung Galaxy S10 come with 5g Upgrades or at least shall have a 5G variant.   
  2. Honor View 20- The phone has been announced in China and has a "hole punch" selfie camera, which implies that it is capable of ditching the notch - which shall become a big news for 2019. There are also confirmations that the phone shall be launched on 22 January for Europe, offering a technologically advanced mobile that's uplifting trends. It will come with a 48-megapixel rear camera.
  3. LG G8 Thin Q- The LG G8 is said to be introduced at Mobile World Congress in February 2019. It shall have an interesting inclusion of Sound on Display, which means that there are no speakers and the sound comes from the screen. There shall be some other interesting upgrades, but as for our sources it shall not have a 5G feature, which shall be a disappointment for many as 2019 shall be the 5G year.
Nokia 9 Pure View- The Nokia 9 PureView has been in news for a really long time. It was said to launch in 2017 but 2019 is the year of this Nokia phone. According to the leaked video, the phone shall have a 5.99-inch display. Also it will have a Zeiss camera with five lenses on the rear side. But what is surprising is that this phone shall use the older Snapdragon 845.  Rumors have it that the phone shall launch in Mobile Congress 2019.