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Get Updates Regarding Jaw Dropping Performance Of Virat Kohli In 2018

As a cricket enthusiast, you must have heard about the famous Indian cricketer Virat Kohli! He is bagging great honors for giving the best performance in IPL 2018. He was honored as the captain of ODI final against West Indies. With his magic and enthusiasm, it was easy for the Indian team to bag the medal.

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Extraordinary Feats in IPL 2018

The more you go through the list of achievements made, more allured you will become. Producing some extraordinary feats in vivo IPL 2018 teams, he has become successful in uplifting his overall status in the cricket ground. He is now regarded as the fit batsman in the entire format not only in India, but also all around the world.

Do you remember the number that has remained highly significant in 2018? Yes, it is none other than 16. Kohli has successfully scored 1202 runs in an average against 14 innings in 2018. Really, vivo IPL 2018 teams and players have come across an astonishing as well as staggering achievement. Sounds better!

Runs Scored along with Other Achievements

In terms of runs scored with a striking rate of 102.55, it is amazing that Virat has successfully amasses and has registered for three fifties in 2018. Rohit Sharma along with Jonny Bairstow have crossed 1000 runs the previous year. They may be considered to be among well known partners for Virat Kohli.

As per recent cricket updates, there has been a well-known difference of above 60 runs against each and every dismissal. It runs smoothly between Virat Kohli and Fakhar Zaman.  Will you believe that except Kohli, none of the batsman has been able to arrive at scores above hundreds in 2018.

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Frequency of Hitting Boundaries is Appreciable

The frequency in terms of hitting boundaries is also considered to be the best for any type of batsman. Virat Kohli is among well known successful batsmen who has faced the vivo IPL 2018 teams and players list in a desperate manner. The Dot Ball percentage of almost 41.81% is really something to be highly appreciated.

He is standing straight after Kevin O’Brien, Thisara Perera and Ross Taylor. Along with comprising a highly appreciable boundary percentage, his ability to rotate the entire strike in a creative manner is something to be clapped for. He has also picked up several singles followed by converting twos into threes.

Additional Achievements by Virat Kohli

As per mathematical calculation, Virat has successfully scored almost 52.58% of his runs in threes in 2018. He has a strong ground in contributing to India’s achievement in the field of cricket. With reputable win-loss ratio among all teams in 2018, India is proud to have Virat to enlighten her place.

Below are some descriptions regarding achievements in association with vivo IPL 2018 team squad list:

  • Winning the medal by India against South Africa in UAE
  • Served as a leading scorer with highest average in West Indies
  • High scoring root in ODI series in England

Virat Kohli has remained among highest scorers of matches continuously in almost four occasions. Also, he has been well known to be among highest scorers in two consecutive innings. Also, he has been honored with the reputation of serving as the Man of the Match for 5 innings in 2018. It is maximum for any type of player.

Unbeating West Indies is Now a Cake Walk

He has also won as the Man of the Series two times.  Virat Kohli is also known to be among fastest of 1000 runs in the calendar year on his way to unbeating West Indies at Vizag. Additional achievements include:

  • Feat in 11 innings
  • Record braking series between Virat and Amla  

Till date, we have witnessed Sachin Tendulkar along with Sourav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni for their effective skills in the form of batting. But today, Virat Kohli is also among well known cricketers that have achieved high reputation.  He has prevented himself from suffering unnecessarily due to captaincy pressure.

Taking Up the Mantle by Virat Kohli

The story about Virat Kohli is truly an inspiration for all new upcoming cricket enthusiasts. He has proved the fact that is possible to achieve the zenith even under pressure. Vivo IPL 2018 all team squad list has kept a space for Virat Kohli for showcasing his talent in a transparent manner.

The record scoring mammoth by Virat Kohli is definitely an appreciable one. We are all waiting to come across the achievement that will surpass the entire record that has been set by the Master Blaster.  This portion has been kept as a treasure to all die heart Kohlians. More updates we get to know about Virat, more proud India will feel to have such a great captain. Get ready from now to enjoy the forthcoming blast in a gala manner.

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