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Data Privacy Day (Revolution Of The System), Awareness Program To Encourage The Data Privacy

When India is going digital, it is also facing many challenges. Constant industrialization and globalization have brought an alarming rate of cyber crimes. It has also shown the ways of the data breaching. Hence to prevent such risks, awareness is very essential.

To start the awareness, data privacy day has been celebrated annually all over the world. This awareness program has been celebrated in 28th of January internationally. The main aim of celebrating such an awareness day is to empower the individuals, business or even an organization to respect the privacy of any data. Even steps should be taken to keep them safe and thus builds up the trust of sharing the data in this digital era. The day of 28 January is the international data privacy day. This day is being lead by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).

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The awareness program of data privacy was started in the United States and Canada in January 2008. On January 28, 1981, first data privacy day was commemorated by the signing of convention 108. It was also the first legally binding international treaty that dealt with privacy and data protection.

Recent case history about the data breaching

In a recent report, it has been found that India is on the first of the list of the global data breach. The survey covered Indian companies whose revenue ranges between $100 million to $1 billion.  Even 92% of the Indian share sensitive data on the cloud system. The survey was successfully conducted by defence grade technology maker, Thales. For such a huge risk, the India Data Threat report 2018 focused on the need for the makeover in the strategies of the security taken. They have also enlisted different practices for data protection.

The survey of the protection has also been taken. According to it for the data privacy, the Indian companies are taking the help of technologies. Some of the advanced technologies helping them are the big data, internet- of- things, mobile payments, blockchain at large level and many more.

Not only in India, but data breaching has also brought huge challenges and risks to international companies like Lord and Taylor, Saks, Sacramento Bee, Facebook and many more. They are the real victims of being hacked and data being misused and copied.

How the present day data privacy has been modified

Coming to the technological changes, let us take an overview of how the entire things are changing. Now the data protection framework is based on:

  • Technology agnosticism
  • Holistic application
  • Informed consent
  • Data minimization
  • Controller accountability
  • Structured enforcement
  • Deterrent penalties.

Thus these changes have been brought to the new data privacy landscape especially in the Indian system.

How NCSA takes part in doing great?

Thus the data privacy day which is celebrated is particularly a signature event. It is an educational effort in which the NCSA educates the consumers, business heads and other organizations how to deal with the data breaching. Even they encourage business to have their online presence and also show how privacy is also good for the business too. The main integral component of the NCSA is to STOP, THINK, CONNECT- the global online safety, security and privacy campaign.

Facts of the data awareness day of 2018

Here are some facts about the international data privacy day:

  • Approx 600 organizations undergone the registration as data privacy day 2018 champions. It has seen an increase of 32% from the last year.
  • Total of 926 stories about data privacy day was presented in the year 2018. Last year it was 611 stories which show an increase of 52% from the previous year.
  • The hashtag of the data privacy day of 2018 was been twetted3,527 times in January.
  • The data privacy day event of 2018 was live streamed on YouTube, periscope and Facebook Live. It was done by the LinkedIn headquarter in San Francisco. The streaming video was watched over 5000 times in each of the video streaming sites.

Now data privacy has been marked as the human Fundamental right. With the inception of a new year, we expect that more and more strategies should be planned to overcome this challenge. To do so companies are being encouraged to invest in different ideas about the data Ops. This would enable the organization heads to know where exactly the data stays and how much it is safe and secure.


Data privacy is an awareness which should be encouraged and followed. Every year the event would be planned and celebrated in a grand way. But the things and the mottos should be followed the year round. We should encourage the globalization in a risk-free environment of digitalization.

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