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Wedding Gifts That Look More Expensive Than They Are

Wedding gifts have to be special. It is a token of your love to the couples. Many times we opt for some of the expensive gifts. But do you think that always the expensive gifts will be useful? Well, I think no. There are many more things which can be given as a gift and also useful. Moreover, they won’t look like a budget gift for your loved ones.

Top 10 wedding gifting ideas

Need some ideas of such best wedding gifts? You can consider these ideas for your friends or family member in their wedding. These gifts are useful when they would be starting their own family and life.

  • Wall hanging with the cutting boards

wedding gifts

Buy three or four cutting boards, polish them and write some beautiful messages on it. Fix a pin or a hanging hook on the back side. You can decorate it as you like using glitters, bright colors or with pictures too.

The end result: a personalized gift for your loved one which looks like an expensive gift. While your friend or loved one will go to their new house, it can be a good piece of decoration.  Also, such a unique gift would help them to remember about your love.

  • Set of wine glasses

wedding gifts

Romantic dates are incomplete without wine. And wine is incomplete without the wine glasses. So why not you gift the new couple with the wine glass (and obviously a bottle of wine) to make their wedding nights perfect.

The glass set can be useful and also can be useful while they are throwing any party too for their guests.

  • DIY  night lamp stand

wedding gifts

Just a simple lampstand can be decorated and turned into a unique piece. Take the desired shape of the lamp, either make cuts of different shapes and designs or color it in the most appropriate color. When you will switch on the light, magic will be created all over the room.

Every night, the new couple will surely thank you for making their surrounding so romantic. And believe me, it looks more expensive wedding gifts than any other.

  • DIY cushion covers

wedding gifts

Buy some plain cushion covers of average size. Collect some colorful threads or wools. Check out any designs from the internet. Just embroider it and you have a designer’s cushion cover for your friend’s wedding.

If you want, you can put some soft cotton and sew both ends. You will get soft and cosy cushions. Besides the designs, you can also write some personalized message or motivational quotes on the covers too.

Do you think they would look a budgetary gift? Obviously not… anyone will be able to get the price of the gift.

  • Dinner set

wedding gifts

Guests and parties are common after the wedding. So you need to have dinner sets to serve the guests. Why not you take the responsibility and get them for the new couple. If you want, designer’s dinner set are available.

But often dinner set is a common choice and may be gifted by others. if you don’t want to repeat the same gift, then confirm from the couple about it.

  • Personalized coffee mug set

wedding gifts

To kick start the day, coffee is must for everyone. So gift them a pair of coffee mugs which will make their day happy. Even you can buy the mugs with a personalized message or the photos of the couple. This would make them remember about their special moments every day.

  • Sandwich maker

wedding gifts

It would be the best breakfast for any couple. And the breakfast will be made within a few seconds. It will save a lot of time and also hard works. You will be remembered every day about your small love token for them.

Moreover, sandwich makers are not so much expensive, but they can be considered worthy one for its usefulness.

  • Throw blanket

wedding gifts

You never deny the cosiness of the throwaway blankets in the new couple’s couch, right? So why not just gift them such a blanket. If you are good at embroidery, then you can do it yourself or you can even get it readymade too.

Go for something unique and choose the one which is funky in look.

  • Coupon for a spa or a massage

wedding gifts

Don’t be surprised!!! You know how much it essential is after a wedding programme. After all the wedding events are finished, a relieving body massage or a spa of full body can be enjoyable. So gift them with the coupons of their parlors or some renowned parlors.

  • Love letter napkin

wedding gifts

Buy plain napkins and print few love letters on them. Well, they are just the perfect for the couple usage.

All the above ideas are not so expensive but they look more than they worth. Also the people whom you are gifting will also love it.