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Samsung Shows 5G Prototype Smartphone With A Corner Notch

Here is good news for the Samsung lovers!

The prototype of the Samsung 5G phone has been shown at the Qualcomm tech summit. The administration has confirmed that the similar model of 5G phone on behalf of Samsung will be available from the year 2019.

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The smartphone that Samsung will be offering the market is the variant of the Galaxy S10. Additional to it will be the features which support the 5G functionalities of the phone and a corner notch.

This entire news has been confirmed by the Verizon and AT&T in the summit which was held in Hawaii last week. Samsung and Verizon have merged and formed a partnership to bring this 5G smartphone in the market.

Though we have been using and being a fan of the Samsung smartphones widely, yet they have not launched any phones with the notch. But now this time it is different. Samsung has now got a notch in its phone but that is at the corner of the phone. Practically this has been the first time Samsung will be launching the notched phone in the real market. The design too is a bit different than the variant of the Samsung smartphones still now. The notch has been provided in the corner of the display.

Why Samsung has emerged with the 5G technology?

Now why such a huge wave of excitement with this launch? Obviously, that is only for the being 5G combines with the smartphone brand Samsung.  Inception was with the 3G and people have discovered so many technology discoveries. Now we are standing with the latest one-5G. Here are few of the benefits that this latest technology can offer you:

  • 5G conforms you increased bandwidth those who are using. In simple language, users will be getting more abundant spaces for their downloaded files and folders. There will be no shortage of spaces again with the 5G. So this allows you to do more and more.
  • Not only the space but 5G will give you more speed too. Yes, 5G is much faster than the 4G and the browsing is simplified again. Within a few seconds all the downloading or browsing can be done with the latest 5G technology. As you get more spaces, more networks would automatically be dedicated to more users which make the speed faster.
  • As 5G is all related to the latest technology, hence the new technology options will easily become available. A task on 4G will become thousands time faster when it will be done on the 5G. Few tasks which are still now being performed over the smart devices can easily be performed now even without laptop and desktops.  The faster network speed will increase and thus would result in the new experience of technology. It opens a new way of operating the devices.

So 5G gives so many benefits for you. People will be accepting this new technology with huge excitement. And when Samsung has merged with such a technology then it is just the perfect pair that can work with any of the smart tasks that you want to do.

Notched smartphones by Samsung

Now another new thing about this news is the notched phone of Samsung. Many brands of smartphones had their own notched smartphones except the Samsung. First Apple adopted the notch- a cutout in the display with varied designs by various brands. Samsung was not in the group of the notched phones still now.  But the year 2019 is something new for the Samsung lovers. You can also get the notched phones from your favorite brand. Just wait few more days of 2018 and your desired phone will be launched. It will be a great gift to you all from Samsung.

Earlier too Samsung had declared about their four different notched phones- Infinity U, Infinity V, infinity O, new Infinity. But the corner notch is totally different than these ones. Corner one is entirely a new launch from the brand.

The phone shown at the tech show confirms about the faster speed. It shows the logo of the 5G on it. A 4K video was streaming which was using the 5G base station. The same Video was then shown on TV through HDMI and DeX docking station. Thus it was interesting and attractive for everyone to attract the notice.

Wrapping up

We welcome the Samsung’s experimental design of their phone. Now it is time to watch how it is being accepted by all entirely. After all, it is for the convenience of the people for their usage. Hoping that it will be accepted by all whole heartedly.

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