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How to contour according to face shape

There are several tips available online that show you how to contour your face. But to have effective contouring done you must contour according to your face shape. There isn't a one-size-fits-all technique to contour your face. Someone who has a rounder face might not contour in similar places as someone who has a square-shaped face. So here are some professional tips artists for the most sculpted look. Know your face structure before you start contouring and then follow the techniques mentioned below, based on your face shape.

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Contour according to face shape-

Round Face- 

For those with round shaped face type, the technique for contouring is to create shadows.

  • So start with pulling in your cheeks to figure out where the hollows of your face are.
  • Apply the contouring shade that matches you at approximately half an inch above the hollows.
  • Blend it upwards to highlight your cheekbones.
  • Post that contour your jawlines. Start from below your ears. Shading the jawline makes your face appear more angular.

Square Face-

It is a more structured and angular face shape. Hence you need to bounce the light off your face with the help of a highlighter. It helps to soften your facial features. Makeup professionals recommend the following steps-

  • Blend an illuminator on the high points of the face namely your cheekbones
  • Further highlight the tip of your nose with an illuminator.
  • Do not miss highlighting the spot below the apples of the cheeks.
  • Soften the sharp square features of your jawline by slightly applying bronzer along the lines.
  • Blend it equally with a bronzer brush.

Oval Face-

Oval shaped faces are a beautiful combo of round and square. So you need to clearly follow the essential steps for balancing the contouring.

  • Shade along the hairline with a lighter hand.
  • Then shade the depressions of the cheekbones and right below the chin.
  • Keep in mind that the chin contouring must always be soft. If you do it too heavily, it may appear like a beard.

Heart Face-

This is a very attractive face type and contouring is minimally required, as the face already has amazing cuts and angles.

  • Contour along the temples with highlights on the cheekbones. There is a simple method to figure out as to where to shade the cheekbones. Press your index finger horizontally on your cheekbones. Keep moving your finger down till you feel it right under the bone of your cheeks. This is the place from where you shall blend.
  • Contour in the upward direction, starting from near your ears.

Triangular Face-

This is also a well-sculpted face type just like the square shape and the heart-shaped faces. You will have to keep your contouring minimal or rather I suggest just highlight the high points on your face. It gives a perfect lift up to your face without making it too shady.

  • Contour your jawline and under the cheekbones.
  • Highlight the temples
  • Add blush under your cheekbones.

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