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How can I find my look alike?

It is believed that every individual has 6 look alike around the globe. So you are not alone with that beautiful face of yours. You may wonder if you ever come across your twin. In this densely populated world, it seems next to impossible, even if you manage to have a world tour.

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But if you really want to try this in real, you can take inspiration from this trio’s story- Dubliners Harry English, Niamh Geaney, and Terrence Manzanga first became fascinated with the idea of finding their doppelgangers after seeing how journalist Sophie Robehmed created a social media campaign to discover her own. And so they created a campaign where they asked people to help them find their twin doubles within a month and it was surprising how people came forward and Geaney was able to find her perfect look-alike, whom she later met. They created a page on the Twin Strangers website and added a photo album to their Facebook page to help people find their own look-alike. 

So if you are curious enough you can do the same.

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While for the virtual world, some software development companies have come up with some interesting solutions to it. Like the ‘Find Your Twin Online’ website. They claim to analyze your face with artificial intelligence by looking at an in-depth 120 points on your face and then your face is compared to the people around the world by searching their image database for matches. Then you will be provided with a result of top 100 matches. Each match will depict the % showing how similar your faces are.

A  Chinese company, Megvii thatahs has developed high-end face recognition software named Face++. According to its website, it provides “the cutting-edge technology of computer vision and data mining to provide 3 core vision services (Detection, Recognition, and Analysis)”.  So you can upload a photograph on the Face++ website and the software will scan through it to find a suitable match. You can try it if you are curious enough. Maybe you get a chance to meet your look alike.

The Google Play store also has an app for the same by the name of ‘My Lookalike’. It is an app of E sense IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. But the review of the app is really bad, with the users particularly unhappy with the results. So we advise you to avoid it.

There are also certain apps that match your face with the celebrity look alike. But these are just some fun ways of keeping you occupied. You may enjoy using these apps for some entertainment and laughter. is yet another website to find your look alike. With all these websites and app, you can experiment but do not expect any perfect results.

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