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10 highly unusual jobs you will find only in India!

10 highly unusual jobs you will find only in India!

India is a very unique country and there are countless unique people here. You might find your job boring but there are certain jobs in India which are pretty unusual and you sure as hell would not want to be a part of these abrupt jobs. Have a look at the top 10 jobs that a highly unusual and you will find only in India-

Ear Cleaner

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? This profession includes some strange tools like a wad of cotton, a pincer, and a sharp steel needle. You can find them in local flea markets and some old and famous monuments. As unhygienic as it sounds, the process is highly perilous and is not at all recommended by an ear specialist. Even after all these dangers, you will find it surprising that there are some people who can’t hear clearly unless their ear is cleaned by a professional ear cleaner. The profession is also slowly dying so you might have a hard time finding these people.

Corpse photographers

In the holy city of Varanasi, this is a very common profession. These people are actually appointed to click pictures of the dead one last time before they are cremated as per the Hindu traditions. The departed have their last rites taken place at the Ganges and therefore these professionals earn pretty well for themselves. These people can earn from a wide range from anywhere between Rs.1500-3000 per day.


Have you ever wondered about your ancestors and what is your history? Well, there are professionals at your beck and call to serve your purpose. They can take out your family history for far up to ten generations! They are known as ‘pandas’ in Hindi and are often found in Haridwar digging up all about Hindu families and have access to heavy scriptures that have your history written. It is also said that traditional Hindu families used to visit these people to know about the births, deaths, and marriages in their family and sometimes to also update their family tree

Snake Charmers

If you visit India, you will often find men dressed in orange and yellow robes carrying with them a cloth bag but to your surprise, these bags contain live snakes! Snake Charming is when the snake charmer plays flute and the king cobra dances to the tune. Although it is considered as an art in India it is often not good for the snakes as these people often manhandle and starve the snakes without any water and food. In India alone, 46,000 people die annually due to snake bites as they do not visit a doctor but a snake charmer for their treatment.

Roadside dentist

Dentists are scary and we often dread a visit to them but what about a roadside dentist with no professional knowledge about dentistry? It even feels uneasy to think about it leave alone going to them for treatment. Although it seems like a dying profession (thankfully) these people can often be found in old villages and near flea markets with their prices are very low as compared to the high-end dentists found in posh hospitals. From tooth fillings till tooth extractions they have everything you need but before you try their treatment make sure you are prepared to deal with the unhygienic instruments and get all the treatments without any anesthetics.

Human scarecrows

We all know about scarecrows, they are meant to ward off birds so that they don’t spoil the crops for the farmers. A human scarecrow is a person who is mean to keep these away from people’s personal properties. You will often find them in hotels which a huge flag which has a no birds sign just in case you were wondering what they were up to. These serve as real-life scarecrows keeping the these ‘chicks’ at bay and away from your property.

Professional mourners

These people are actually needed when someone dies in order to cry at funerals! Weird isn’t it? This is a group of females known as Rudalis- which literally means female weepers and they charge money to cry at a funeral. They can be called at any funerals and these women will cry their hearts out. This mainly originated in Rajasthan and is a peculiar custom that happens in India since olden times. They also wear only black clothes which signify the god of death, that is Yama. They make a scene beating themselves and crying out loud which in turns creates an atmosphere of gloom compelling others to cry as well. Sometimes when a dear one dies people often tend to go in shock and do not cry, these rudalis end up saying such emotional statements and creating an atmosphere of gloom which will help the person release his emotions bringing him back to normal life.

Pet Food Taster

As the name suggests these professionals are exactly what you understand from the name. We definitely love our fur babies. For some of us, they are often our dearest companions and we could easily give up the world for them. But our babies can’t communicate with us to tell us what they like and what they don’t and their eating habits must be healthy in order for them to ensure a healthy life and for this, there are people who are pet food tasters. These people make sure we get nothing but the best in terms of food for our pets. Apart from appetizing taste they also determine the total nutritional value of the food so that you may what is the best source of nourishment for our angels which are only meant for our pet’s body and digestive systems.

Ball Inspector

In India, people are crazy for Cricket. It is probably the most popular sport in the country and is loved by all. And when a nation is so crazy about this sport there has to be a person to ensure that the game is played with fair means. Ball tampering is very common when it comes to cricket matches and there are ball inspectors to ensure that every ball used in International Cricket matches is correct while fulfilling all the required criteria.

Water slides and rides tester

Who doesn’t love a good fun ride at the amusement park? Have you ever wondered what about the safety of the ride? Well, of course, you have especially when it comes to dangerous rides like the three-sixty or the giant wheel, but what makes the operators so confident? That is because they have already been tested by a water slides and rides tester. Although the job always involves taking all the required precautions and measures it is a highly dangerous job.

So gear up and don’t crib about the long working hours with the laptop because you sure as hell would not want to sweep places with these guys, right?