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10 health benefits of drinking beer!

10 health benefits of drinking beer regularly!

Do you always feel guilty after drinking beer regarding your health? Well, break free from the guilt as the beer has some amazing health benefits, if consumed moderately and it might even end up being good for your health. Even though usually beer is called unhealthy there have been studies and research to prove the benefits of beer and we will today share a few of them with you. Have a look (Keep in mind all these benefits are for moderate drinking which is one beer per day for women and two for men and does not exceed this) -

It brings down the risk of heart diseases considerably.

A stunning research that was conducted by Italy’s Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura found that 200,000 subjects who drank a pint of beer on a daily basis had 31% fewer chances of having a heart disease than compared to our non-drinker friends. This high power of beer that guards against heart diseases comes largely from beer’s natural antioxidants known as phenols. A thing to take note of is that people who consumed more amounts of beer than a bottle of two were more prone to heart diseases instead.

Will keep the guard against Alzheimer’s disease.

Surely an outstanding benefit if drinking beer! The researchers present at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine conducted several studies to analyze the effect of beer on Alzheimer’s and finally concluded after numerous studies that people who drank beer moderately were 25% less likely to develop any diseases like dementia, a cognitive impairment which was also including Alzheimer’s. The silicon present in beer helps protect the brain against high levels of aluminium in the body which is possibly one of the leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Gives you strong bones.

Due to the silicon, an important element for your bones, beer can also give you stronger bones. As per a study in 2009 by Tufts, older men who drank one or two glasses of beer regularly had a higher bone density than that of people who did not drink at all. The drinkers had lesser chances of breaking a bone and thereby causing fractures. But the tricky thing about this is that if you increase your intake more than 2 glasses you are more susceptible to bone fractures than the others.

It helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

One of the most shocking health benefits of beer is that it curbs type 2 diabetes! As per another research conducted by Harvard, 38,000 middle-aged men who drank a bottle or two of beer regularly has 25% fewer chances of having type 2 diabetes as compared of those who were not alcohol consumers at all. The content of alcohol present in beer increases the insulin sensitivity that will help you reduce the risk of diabetes. Beer also has a soluble fiber that plays a role of an important element in the healthy diets od people who suffer from diabetes.

It can protect you against kidney stones.

As per a research that was conducted in Finland a few years back, drinking beer in medium amounts can reduce your chances of having breast cancer by a whopping percentage (40% to be accurate)! This health benefit is directly linked to the extreme water content of beer, as you might not know beer contains 93% water so when you consume it this large water content helps you flush out all the harmful toxins of your body while keeping your kidneys working in a healthy and strong manner. A compound which used in the brewing of beer also reduces the rate at which your body produces calcium for your bones, this means that there are fewer chances of buildup from the lost calcium in the kidney which then end up forming nasty kidney stones. So grab a bottle of beer in order to keep your kidneys healthy and working.

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Beers cut down the probability of cancer.

When consumed moderately, beer is also a powerful cancer-fighting agent. Beer contains an antioxidant known as xanthohumol. This antioxidant xanthohumol has some very strong cancer-fighting properties, it kills away and resists the cancer-causing enzymes that are formed in the body. One of the best benefits here is that in men, it keeps off a chemical reaction causes in the body that leads to prostate cancer. Not only this but in women also it helps to keep breast cancer at bay keeping them healthy otherwise.

Will keep your blood pressure at check.

One of the most interesting points here is that beer helps control your blood pressure and also maintain it. As per a Harvard study conducted a few years back, women who were aged between 25 years to 40 years were less likely to have blood pressure problems and had a healthy blood pressure compared to women who drank wine or any other alcoholic beverage rather than beer. So, if you want to keep a healthy blood pressure rate, beer is a great way to keep up with your healthy blood pressure level!

Lowers down your cholesterol level.

Cholesterol seems to be a rising problem these days among individuals and moderate consumption of beer again is a unique way to lower down your cholesterol levels. The Barley that is used in the brewing of beer has a soluble fiber which is known as beta-glucans. Beta-glucans has been shown to lower down your cholesterol levels by various studies conducted worldwide. So next time when you sit down to have a hearty, fried and filling meal, enjoy a glass or two of chilled beer after that if you want to keep your body healthy and free from cholesterol.

Reduce your chances of having a stroke.

A research by the American Stroke Association clearly states that people who drink beer moderately compared to those who don’t can cut back on their chances of having a stroke to a high number of 50%! Studies from the Harvard School of Public Health proved that drinking beer reduces and prevents blood clots that are an obstruction to the flow of blood to the heart, neck, and brain, which is the primary cause of having an ischemic stroke. Drinking average amounts regularly make your arteries flexible and keep your blood flow healthy while also gradually improving it.

Get rid of dandruff with your favorite drink!

This is one of the best natural treatment for dandruff. If you are suffering from dandruff for a long time and nothing seems to work out, try beer as it has high yeast and vitamin B content levels. It is super easy as well, as you just have to rinse your hair with a bottle of beer two or maximum three times a week to get soft shiny and dandruff free hair. Beer also helps in keeping your hair healthy apart from getting rid of the dandruff in your scalp.