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And in no time we became strangers...

And in no time we became strangers...

Where did I go wrong?

You were my backbone, my corner stone,
And my 2 am secret keeper.
You were the one I planned my holidays with;
and you were the one who had to help me with my crazy plans.
You were the one to hold my hand when I take big steps,
You were my critic, my motivation and my best friend;
You were supposed to return sooner every time you disappeared with a brb.

You choose to turn you back and call me judgmental,
You spoke about me to your best friends and you hid your phone every time we were together;
You said brb and never returned,
I went an extra mile to check on you,
But you turned your back to me,
From best friends we became strangers in no time.

Where did I go wrong?
I may never say this to you,
But I miss you more than you know.