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Move on, you say. Love of my life, I say.

Move on, you say. Love of my life, I say.

Here I am,
Still thinking about you every second of the day,
Still calling you my best friend and staring at my phone for hours, only with the hope of a text.
My friends are falling in love,
They are moving forward and here I am,
I made a mess of my career in the hope of being able to see you everyday,
I drive past your house everyday in the hope to see you someday,
I do not leave town in the hope of being around you even though you are miles away.

I walk out of the house everyday with the hope of bumping into you,
Here I am, sitting at the cafe opposite to your house for 6 hours straight,
Here I am, still calling you the love of my life,
I still buy cookies from your favorite cafe,

I wait there for hours, only in the hope of having one look at you and waiting for my heart to explode.

To explode and break in a million pieces, once again.
And to feel what you made me feel, when you walked away.
But atleast you made me feel alive, now I am numb.
Move on, you say.
Love of my life, I say.

~ mymusemywords