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Bollywood Launches Movies On Politics: How Will It Affect The Election In 2019

As the 2019 General Elections approach us, numerous Bollywood movies are stepping into the box office. These movies, although aren’t all melodramatic are filled with spice and all set to contribute to the current electioneering.

And there is certainly nothing ‘Accidental’ about the development that is taking place in the year of elections. Usual…sure but not accidental.

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We are already excited about the new movie ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ which is based on Man Mohan Singh, former PM of the country. This biopic is all set to hit the movie screens. This is also the case for ‘Uri-The Surgical Strike’, another one of the movies dedicated to the Indian Army. The movie is based in the very famous surgical strike that was carried out on the terror camps across the LOC by the Indian Army.

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Movies That Can Affect The Current Election Climate

Ever since the trailer of The Accidental Prime Minister hit the screens, there has been quite a few speculations from the public as well as the political parties. Now the question here is that whether The Accidental Prime Minister has purposefully created drama or not.

Thackeray, another one of the political pieces is awaiting the release into the big screens. The biopic which is based on Bal Thackeray’s life and his quest to find the Shiv Sena group is also going to be affecting the political situation. How you might ask?

Well, in a particular state such as Maharashtra, where the Sena mouthpiece known as Saamana is impactful on the political sentiments of the region, having such a movie released in here would be a great boost to the image of the party. With just a few months left for the election, a movie like Thackeray might be considered as a politically planned move.

However, none of these movies would compare to the mega-bomb that Bollywood has in store for us. There is another great entertainer that is presently in the cards and it is about none other than our beloved PM, Mr Narendra Modi.

Directed by none other than Omung Kumar who has previously provided the Indian cinema with hit biopics such as Sarbjit and Mary Kom, is now thrilled to work on this project which is titled, PM Narendra Modi. What is even more interesting is that the movie about our PM is slated to have a release just before the elections for the Lok Sabha happen.

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Yet, there is no denying the fact that the iconic story depicting the life of Narendra Modi and his rise from a mere tea seller to one of the Prime Ministers of our country certainly deserves a big screen to be told. After all, the story is every bit of inspiring and admirable as it can get. We all know the hard-work that Narendra Modi had to go through in order to achieve his dreams. So, a movie about such a rise to power can be truly a biopic.

That being said, Narendra Modi is one of the few politicians ruling past the Independence of India who has had such a great influence on the public as well as the party. If that was not true, then people would have objected to the replacement of ‘BJP Sarkaar’ with ‘Modi Sarkaar’ in the year 2014.

Now here is what we call a story that deserves to be created into a movie and there is no denying the fact.

However, it is also true that the timing in which these movies are being released, given the current political climate, has also raised some speculations that it could be a strategy for attracting votes and not just an audience at the cinemas.  

Well, this trend is certainly not a new one in the Bollywood cinemas.

If you remember correctly, in the year 2017, there were 2 different movies released titled Indu Sarkar and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.

While the latter was an entertaining comedy-drama which had its inspiration from the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ by PM Modi, Indu Sarkar was a movie that depicted the ‘Old Feuds and wounds’ and was based on the particular emergency that was imposed by Congress in the year 1975 which went up till 1977. These two years depicted in the movie were the dark spots on the iconic Era of Indira Gandhi.

However, the games played by the movies certainly have a lot of potential in themselves.

With the movie trailer of The Accidental Prime Minister, followed by some of the interviews given by Anupam Kher, who played Man Mohan Singh in the movie, were enough to stoke up the controversies. Some movie critics are even calling it a movie that is Anti-Congress and a Pro-BJP. If what the critics are saying is true, then it would also be true that the platform of cinema has now turned into a political battleground.

Plus, we also have the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi whose political agendas are now believed to be mere theatrical acts by the critics who don’t favor him. Who can forget the accidental (or intentional) wink in the Parliament right after the hug with PM Narendra Modi?

Rahul Gandhi might not be as filmy as the critics might say but if these soon-to-be-released movies end up making an effect on the Congress party, there are chances that the Congress President might just get even wittier in the near future.

If movies such as Notebandi-The Demonetization, or Vikas-The Development start coming up in the future, just know that it would all be due to the tactics of Rahul Gandhi.

But is it true that portrayals in the reel-life can impact the real-life of people?

We don’t know that yet. But one thing is for sure. In a situation where the Defence Ministry, as well as the Indian Army, is maintaining all sorts of secrecy on the procedure of these surgical strikes, the acceptance of such movies by the audience is currently on the question.

Having a biopic on the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, is a badge of honor on his image.

Whether it is with the help of movies or not, 2019 is all about the undefeatable image of our PM. Let us find out whether he will be able to match up with the image or not.  

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