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Dolce & Gabbana Leans Into Boycott With #BoycottDolce

There is a very thin line for the brands to understand about creating humor in content or mocking someone and specially when you are in playing foreign territory. Overall, Chinese consumers spend over $7 billion each year on luxury goods, according to the consultancy McKinsey. That's nearly one-third of the global market. Italian fashion house #Dolce&Gabbana is facing accusations of #racism after culturally insensitive adverts. The video, which was posted on social media platform #Weibo to promote its upcoming runway show in Shanghai, depicts an Asian model in a red sequin D&G dress having trouble eating Italian food like pizza while using chopsticks, while a male narrator asks the model “is it too huge for you?” A week before the fashion show was canceled, D&G’s buzz score was at +6.5, but subsequently fell to -15.0. This indicates a drop of 21.5 points in under two weeks. Fallout from the controversy has been swift and harsh. Celebrities called for a #BoycottDolce. Chinese e-commerce sites pulled D&G products from their virtual shelves. The brand canceled a major fashion show in Shanghai

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Vivemos no tempo da #Transparência, o consumidor está ligado em tudo o que fazemos e se o que estamos fazendo é de verdade. πŸ‘€ Hoje o mundo presta atenção na #China, que tem um alto poder de consumo, mas as estratégias de #marketing devem ser apropriadas respeitando a cultura local. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Esse vídeo com a modelo chinesa comendo macarrão com hashis, era pra ser só um vídeo 🍝 de propaganda para o desfile que a @dolcegabbana preparava em Shanghai. O tiro saiu pela culatraπŸ‘ŽπŸ» quando as autoridades chinesas decidiram cancelar o desfile pelas imagens com cunho depreciativo em relação à modelo! 🀭 Até @chiaraferragni se pronunciou: “Karma” disse a italiana. Mais sobre o caso, você pode ver nos stories com a maravilhosa cobertura do @diet_prada ou na #BoycottDolce

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