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Top 6 Must Watch Movies For Every Entrepreneurs

Being an Entrepreneur or running a business is not an easy thing. It involves a lot of struggles and difficulties. There is so many hardships need to be faced when you run a business, and even strategies are not successful at all times. Bollywood has produced some excellent movies about these struggles and hardships faced by Budding entrepreneurs and business people to reach all the way to success. Some of the Movies are based on real-life stories, and some of them are regular day to day known hardships faced by a businessman.

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, you should consider watching these movies.

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Guru is an excellent movie which will focus on building your company from the scratch which is a life story about Dhirubhai Ambani. It teaches us values about never giving up and never turn backward at every situation. It inspires so many businesspeople for starting their own companies and set up high goals to never give up in any case for a successful business.

Rocket Singh

Rocket Singh is an essential movie for almost every entrepreneur which talks about a life story of every entrepreneur in us. The Movie “Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year” is a movie which shows about What it takes to lose things which you have built from scratch, Working along with the team, Strategies, and principles at Work, Patience and Start things right from the bottom which is essential for every successful entrepreneur. This movie encourages every budding new entrepreneur to start their own business from the bottom to top.

Band Baaja Baraat

Band baaja baraat teaches us a vital value about separating your personal life from the professional work life. Following this is very important for anyone to become happy in their life. This movie starts with a Guy bitto and a girl Shruti who both are two youngsters from Delhi. They work together to start a wedding planning enterprise, and from there it discusses the number of struggles an Entrepreneur faces in their life and teaches you to be as passionate as you can to achieve your goals and work along with the team to dream much bigger and not to worry about the competitors in your own business.

Badmash Company

Badmash Company is quite funny from Aditya Chopra which features Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma that teaches us about money management. You need not have much money to become successful in business, and all that matters is your good idea and implementation. The movie brings self-confidence to start your business and inspires you in every way for being a successful entrepreneur.


Avatar is a successful movie from Rajesh Khanna which is directed by Mohan Kumar about old parents who struggle with all difficulties in their personal lives and still could be able to achieve success. The movie gives a good impression about never giving up at whatever may be the reason, and failure is not final. Success is only for people who wait.


Manjhi is directed by Ketan Mehta which is a must watch for every Inspirational entrepreneur. The cinema focuses about a man who carves the road through a mammoth peak, like a mountain and the number of struggles and hardships which he faces to carve the road and with all his determination and courage without losing or giving up how he achieves his goal. This movie will help every entrepreneur to boost their self-confidence whenever they lose hope or get into a lot of failures, which will help them never to lose their patience.