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Anxiety And Depression Hitting You Hard? Here Are Few Ways To Get Rid Of Them

First of all, how serious is it? If you’re having suicidal thoughts, no use watching 13 reasons why or googling it out, get medical help. Immediately! If you’re not there yet, you can continue to read this article.

Same with anxiety. These days, it has become a trend to glorify mental illnesses. However, there’s nothing to be happy about it. Last day I heard a girl saying another girl in a very excited tone, ‘dude, guess what? I got anxiety issues’. To which the other replied, ‘omg! I have got OCD. ‘

5 Ways To Overcome Depression

First and foremost, these ‘might’ help you to some extent, but make sure you do visit a professional.

Confide in a friend or be someone’s friend –

Often the feeling of sadness or continued sadness arises due to loneliness. Don’t shut yourself out. You might not have 15 friends, but you can at least have one. It could be anyone, your mom, your sister, your brother’s friend, a neighbour, an old lady, a classmate. Also, you could be someone’s friend, help that person out, or be there in need. It will brighten your spirit.

Exercise or walk – 

A simple stroll outside can elevate your mood. Do you love to stargaze? It’s a beautiful thing to do, you know. Watching the vastness of the night sky and those tiny bright dots glittering all the way across the sky. Do you know, when you see a star, you are actually looking at the past? Quite intriguing right?

Meditate –

Simply sit down and fix your eyes and your mind at the tiny dot in front of you. Or you could close your eyes, light a candle and imagine a bright spot ahead of you and focus on that spot.

Diet –

Include EFAs in your diet. It will help you get more functional. Your body produces less amount of serotonin when you are depressed, as a result you might feel lazy and sleepy all the time.

5 Ways To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is common these days. With so many triggers all around us, it’s difficult to not get anxious. However, you should try these out.

Identify the trigger –

The very first step towards defeating this demon, is by identifying what caused it. Is it because you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you, or is it because of an upcoming exam, or is it because you’re going to get married soon? No matter what is, identify it and look at it from a different angle. Example – your boyfriend is talking to a new girl at work quite often.

Meditate –

‘balancing it out’ is not possible till you get your nerves straight. You need to learn how to calm in adverse situations in order to think and see clearly.

Deep breaths –

This helps a lot. You find yourself in trouble, about to get an anxiety attack, immediately close your eyes and take deep breaths. This will calm your down and save you from making your situation worse.

Laugh more –

Remember that famous line by joker – “why so serious? “; same to you. Why so serious when you can laugh and smile. Well, not all the time. But sometimes. Having trouble with the boss? Imagine him in your grandmother’s clothes and laugh. Watch a comedy movie. Laugh at memes. There are so many ways.
If these don’t solve the problem, even not in months, make sure you visit a therapist. You’re not healthy until you’re mentally healthy too.