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Tasty and healthy snacks for office hours

Office hours are always taxing and there’s barely any time to think about what to eat. So, we always go for anything and everything that looks tempting and is on deck. But then, they say “A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”

While eating too oily food might get you caught dozing off during meetings, having too light snacks will keep you too low to be working. So, here we have few ideas as to what should be at our desks to keep us peppy during office hours:

Sprout salad:

If you are someone who is always hungry and yet does not want to gain layers, this is just the right snack for you. Well, just soak them overnight and prepare a salad of your choice. They are wonder food due to their high nutritional value. They ensure blood purification and are a boon to the immune system. But do not consume them in a large amount at once as our body takes time to digest them.

Boiled sweet corn:

Corn is known to be packed with high nutrients and is very friendly to our digestive system. Moreover, it is rich in fiber, vitamin C and has no saturated fat. Combined with a few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and pepper it tastes heavenly! So when you have something that is so tasty yet healthy, why look somewhere else!

Whole food granola bar:

Now, this delicacy is something you definitely cannot refuse to love. Taste and health can never blend together more amazingly. They are handy, are a superb energy booster, and they help lose weight. They are high in protein and fiber and the taste is something that will never let down your taste buds. So why wait when you can munch on and enjoy!

Air popped popcorn:

This is an amazing ready-to-eat stuff that you can have at any time during your office hour. No oil is used in air popping thus you need not worry about the calorie content of your snack. The goodness of antioxidants and its taste is something that makes it the best pick.

Roasted chickpeas:

If you have that craving for something spicy and crunchy but are in a fix to decide if there’s any such thing that’s healthy too, here we have got you a solution. Roasted chickpeas are rich in protein and vitamins. So you are definitely not going to keep your taste buds waiting.

Nut butter:

Unlike the traditional butters, nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are very light and a lot healthier.  Just put it on a bread slice or you can eat it without it too. So grab a spoonful of it and tell no one!

These are some of the tasty yet healthy office snacking ideas. These are some of the tasty yet healthy office snacking ideas that will not let you put on some extra pounds but keep you energetic. Munch on!

Munch on!