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Relationships can be hard to handle at times it is definitely not a cake walk. Society has also molded us into believing that without our partner we lack any emotional support. Although love is blind you should never ignore these signs that clearly indicate that your relationship is toxic.

Constantly judging you


A persistent judgment that constantly keeps you alert and you can’t enjoy your life freely, is certainly a bad sign. This can also bring your self-esteem down and resurface your insecurities making you under confident.

No Space

no space

Do you rarely see your friends? And when you do your significant other is always with you? Everyone has their own personal space which shouldn’t be invaded. Sometimes space is necessary for growth in a relationship. Try to spend some quality alone time sometimes for your personal development.

Going through your phone

Your phone is something very personal and going through it is something which is totally not normal. You have to learn to trust the other person as this can also lead to domestic abuse in the future.

They insult you


Does your partner repeatedly humiliate and criticize you? Has this become a common and day-to-day situation for you? Set some ground rules with your significant other to never cross certain lines, which you have set. Never allow anyone to insult you.

Your partner gets physical with you


Physical violence is something that should never be tolerated. If your partner has an uncertain anger you should not be a punching bag them. If you are then the relationship is toxic and you need to get out of it immediately.

Constant jealousy


Being protective and possessive are two completely different things. Being overly possessive and jealousy are generally signs of insecurity and no confidence. “Unfounded jealousy is a stranglehold sure to suffocate any romantic relationship.”

Putting yourself last

It is good to adhere to the needs of your partner. Constantly putting yourself behind for your significant other is hazardous to your own health. Your needs are equally important and if your partner is not ready to accept that maybe you need to walk out.