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Honeymoon Packing

Essentials only!

Honeymoon Packing

Weddings are beautiful but it is the honeymoon that you most look forward to. Your opportunity to finally spend some quality time with your partner and getting to know them inside out.  Honeymoon packing can sometimes be hectic and in that chaos, you can forget certain absolute essentials that you HAVE to keep. We help you remind them and enjoy your honeymoon tension free!

Sexy lingerie-

Your first night as a couple should be a special night, one that you can remember for times to come and what better way than to etch it in both your minds by wearing some sexy lingerie for your man. Believe me, he will thank you for years to come.

Travel essentials-

Such as airline tickets, credit cards that you will be absolutely needing, hotel booking confirmations, traveler’s checks, and important phone numbers. Let the Monica Geller inside you unleash and make a separate folder containing all these documents.


If you’re not planning on starting a family immediately after getting married, carry protection. If you’re going to a remote place, you may not have access to a chemist and you don’t want to accidentally get pregnant.


This one goes without saying but sometimes you forget in all the packing. Keep a camera. Yes you have your smartphones, but keep a camera which will store your memories for much longer.

Travel locks-

Your luggage will always be in your hotel room, unmonitored while you enjoy the sights. Always lock your luggage when you leave and maybe even use the locker in your room to keep extra cash and jewellery.

Happy packing!