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"Kaala" listed among 25 Films of the Century by British Film Institute

Rajinikanth's film "Kaala" has received a prestigious accolade from the British Film Institute (BFI), being listed among the Films of the Century. Directed by Pa Ranjith, this Tamil socio-political drama now stands alongside renowned global cinematic works like "Artificial Intelligence," "Old Boy," and "Divine Intervention," as recognized in BFI’s Sight and Sound Summer Issue 2024.

Released in 2018, "Kaala" explores themes of social justice, power dynamics, and urban politics. Rajinikanth portrays the titular character, a leader fighting for the oppressed in Mumbai’s Dharavi slums. His powerful performance and the film’s compelling narrative resonated widely, earning both commercial success and critical acclaim. BFI’s recognition underscores "Kaala’s" impact and its significant contribution to global cinema.

kaala recognised by british film institute

BFI explained their selection process, noting the film's representation of our cinematic era from 2000 to 2024, through the eyes of 25 critics. They chose "Kaala" for its lasting appeal and ability to resonate across generations, making it a timeless piece for future cinephiles to admire.

This accolade marks a monumental achievement for Tamil cinema, bringing international attention to regional filmmaking. "Kaala" stands out not only for its narrative depth but also for its bold exploration of socio-political issues that remain relevant today.

The film’s ensemble cast includes Huma Qureshi, Eshwari Rao, Nana Patekar, Manikandan, and Samuthirakani, each contributing to its powerful portrayal of a community’s fight against exploitation. "Kaala" champions Ambedkarite politics and social justice, emphasizing ideology over traditional heroism in its climax.

Celebrated for its realistic depiction of marginalization and critique of power structures, "Kaala" has cemented its place as a landmark in Tamil and Indian cinema. BFI’s acknowledgment further validates its impact and enduring significance in the global cinematic landscape, ensuring its legacy as a pivotal work of art and social commentary.

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