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Gullak Season 4 review: A Heartwarming Yet Familiar Return

The fourth season of "Gullak," TVF's beloved sitcom, once again invites viewers into the cozy world of the Mishra family, offering a blend of nostalgia and subtle maturity. While the season continues to deliver heartwarming moments, it introduces new conflicts that, unfortunately, do not pack the same emotional punch as its predecessors.

gullak season 4

"Gullak 4" remains true to its roots, capturing the everyday life of a middle-class family in a small Indian town. The Mishra family's dynamic, filled with love, humor, and relatable struggles, continues to be the cornerstone of the series. The show's ability to evoke nostalgia is one of its strongest points, as it beautifully portrays the simple yet profound moments that define family life. This season, the familiar warmth and comfort of the Mishra household provide a comforting escape, much like a warm hug on a cold day.

One of the notable aspects of this season is the subtle maturity in its storytelling. The characters, especially the sons Annu and Aman, are shown grappling with more adult responsibilities and decisions. This shift adds depth to their characters, making them more relatable to an audience that has grown alongside them. The show's depiction of these transitions is both realistic and touching, reminding viewers of their own journeys into adulthood.

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However, the new conflicts introduced in this season fail to deliver the same level of engagement as in previous seasons. The charm of "Gullak" has always been its ability to find profound meaning in mundane events. This time, some of the conflicts feel contrived, lacking the organic development that made earlier seasons so compelling. While the actors' performances remain strong, the narrative occasionally falls into predictability, making certain episodes less impactful.

The ensemble cast continues to shine, with Jameel Khan (Santosh Mishra) and Geetanjali Kulkarni (Shanti Mishra) delivering standout performances. Their on-screen chemistry and effortless portrayal of a married couple's ups and downs are a joy to watch. The younger actors, Vaibhav Raj Gupta (Annu) and Harsh Mayar (Aman), also bring authenticity to their roles, convincingly portraying the challenges of growing up and finding one's place in the world.gullak season 4 scene

"Gullak 4" offers a comforting return to the Mishra family, filled with the warmth and nostalgia that fans cherish. While the new conflicts may not excite as much, the show's heart remains in the right place. It continues to celebrate the beauty of ordinary life and the strength of familial bonds, making it a worthwhile watch for those who have been following the Mishras' journey. Despite its minor shortcomings, "Gullak 4" reaffirms why it remains a beloved fixture in Indian web series.

The show, created by TVF is currently streaming on Sony LIV which relased on 7 June 2024.