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Panchayat Season 4: sachiv ji's exam? phulera's politics? what happens next?

After enchanting their audience with the charming and humorous stories of Phulera village, the makers of Panchayat ventured into the murky waters of rural life in Season 3. They moved from a light comedy to a  political thriller and managed to attract viewers with a tightly woven story. As fans continue to rave about the final season, let's take a look at what we can expect from Panchayat Season 4.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Will Sachiv ji clear CAT and leave Phulera?

One of the biggest cliffhangers in Panchayat Season 3 is the fate of Sachiv Ji (Jitendra Kumar) in Phulera. After surviving an attack by gunmen, he successfully boards a bus and appears for his CAT exam.  he assures Vikas that the exam went well, the truth will be revealed only in the next season. Another difficulty for Abhishek's future is the police complaint filed against him after the fight with the MLA and Bhushan that led to his arrest. 

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What about Rinky and Sachiv Ji's love story?

In the third season, Rinky (Sanvikaa) and Sachiv Ji gradually confessed their feelings for each other. Rinky is also ambitious to crack CAT like Sachiv Ji. One possible direction for their love story could be to get an MBA together and build a life in the big city. However, Rinky's struggle with math and a tendency to be distracted may hinder her chances of passing the exam.

Who shot Pradhan Ji?

The burning question after Season 3 is: Who shot Pradhan Ji (Raghubir Yadav)? The obvious suspect is an MLA who flew into a rage after being tricked into selling his prized white horse. However, his visit to the hospital to meet the injured Dubey Ji hints at her possible innocence. 

What is the next step for Bhushan and MLA? Are there more players involved?

After being punched by Sachiv Ji, both Bhushan (Durgesh Kumar) and MLA (Pankaj Jha) will definitely seek revenge in Panchayat season 4. However, once the police are involved after a fight, they must tread carefully and may use strategic mind games instead of physical confrontations. Their plans are also complicated by the growing media attention on Phulera.

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Will Vikas accept Prahlad's proposal?

The grief of Prahlad (Faisal Malik) was a touching part of the 3rd season. Struggling to cope with the death of his son, Prahlad finds hope when Vikas (Chandan Roy) announces that he will be a father. This news gives Prahlad a new reason to live. He offers Vikas financial support from the scholarship he received after his son's martyrdom, but Vikas initially refuses. However, as the sole breadwinner, Vikas may need Prahlad's help in raising the child, as a result of which the offer may be accepted.

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Will Phulera remain the same?

In response to the MLA and his thugs, the people of Phulera armed themselves. Even if it was self-defence, MLA's dirty politics reaching their homes can leave lasting scars. It marks the possible loss of innocence of the people of Phulera, loved by the spectators. Whether they can maintain their simplicity and charm after these events remains to be seen..

Let's hope Panchayat season 4 has some answers to these questions.