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The Garfield Movie Review: Nostalgic Adventure with Predictable Storyline

The movie centers on Garfield's quest to reunite with his long-lost father. This fresh storyline introduces emotional depth to the otherwise light-hearted franchise, showcasing Garfield’s growth beyond his typical laziness and sarcasm. However, critics argue that this new angle isn’t fully developed, leading to a predictable and somewhat superficial plot.

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Release date 24 May 2024
Critic's Rating 3.5/5
Director Mark Dindal
Cast    Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham, Ving Rhames, Nicholas Hoult, Cecily Strong, Snoop Dogg.
Duration  101 minutes

The story begins with a flashback to Garfield's (Chris Pratt) kitten days, abandoned in an alley by his father Vic (Samuel L. Jackson) and later adopted by Jon (Nicholas Hoult). Garfield lives a luxurious, lazy life with Jon and their dog Odie (Harvey Guillen). However, Garfield and Odie are kidnapped and meet Vic again, discovering he is also a captive. They learn that Jinx (Hannah Waddingham), a feline crime boss, holds a grudge against Vic for a past betrayal. She demands they execute a risky heist to repay Vic’s debt, despite Garfield and Odie being pampered pets. 

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Humor remains a strong point, with Garfield’s classic wit and the inclusion of familiar characters like Odie and Jon. Nostalgic elements are a treat for longtime fans, evoking memories of the original comic strip and previous adaptations. However, the reliance on nostalgia might not be enough to sustain the interest of new viewers or adults seeking a more complex narrative.

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Visually, the movie is a success. The animation is vibrant and appealing, capturing the essence of Garfield’s world in a modern format. This visual appeal is particularly effective in engaging younger audiences, even if the storyline doesn’t fully meet expectations. While the movie charms younger viewers with its colorful animation and simple humor, older audiences and critics find it lacking in depth and innovation. The film's attempt to balance humor, nostalgia, and a new emotional storyline results in a product that, while enjoyable, doesn’t quite hit the mark for a broader audience.

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In summary, "The Garfield Movie" is a fun, visually appealing film that stays true to the spirit of its beloved protagonist. However, it misses the opportunity to fully develop its new narrative elements, resulting in a charming yet ultimately underwhelming experience. For fans of Garfield, it offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but for others, it may fall short of expectations.