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Salman Khan Heads to Dubai Under Tight Security Post Mumbai Firing

Salman Khan, for the first time, departed Mumbai following the shooting incident near his Bandra residence. The actor was spotted leaving the airport earlier today.

Salman Khan, surrounded by tight security, was sighted at Mumbai airport on Friday. Accompanied by his bodyguard Shera and security personnel, the actor was captured in paparazzi footage entering the airport gate. This marks Salman's inaugural departure from Mumbai following the shooting incident outside his Bandra residence, Galaxy Apartment, last Sunday.

Watch Salman Khan's airport video

Wearing a casual ensemble, Salman Khan stepped out of his car at the airport before departing for Dubai. Donning a black T-shirt, matching pants, and sunglasses, the actor acknowledged the paparazzi with a nod from a distance.

More about the firing incident

As per ANI, Mumbai Crime Branch officials revealed that the individuals involved in the shooting outside Salman Khan's Bandra residence had intentions to intimidate rather than harm him. The accused reportedly conducted reconnaissance of Salman's farmhouse in Panvel beforehand. Statements from both families were recorded in Bihar, with seven individuals from Haryana and other states summoned for questioning. Furthermore, Mumbai Crime Branch sources confirmed Salman's participation as a witness in the case.

Following the incident, upon Mumbai Police's arrival at Salman's residence, the actor expressed frustration and apprehension regarding his family's safety. He raised concerns about the adequacy of security measures despite the presence of a substantial security detail. Salman's reaction highlights the seriousness of the situation and the urgency to address lapses in security protocols. This incident underscores the challenges faced by celebrities in maintaining personal security amidst potential threats. As investigations progress, it remains imperative for law enforcement to ensure the safety of public figures and uphold justice.

What actually happened

Earlier, Mumbai Crime Branch revealed that the attackers had conducted surveillance of the actor's residence before the assault. Moments before the shooting, they parked a motorcycle around 100 meters from Salman's home. After ensuring no one was present outside, they approached on the motorcycle, fired shots, and fled.

In a separate development, Mumbai Police filed a case against Anmol Bishnoi in connection with the incident. Anmol, the younger brother of incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, posted about the shooting on Facebook using threatening language, leading to the police action.