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Showtime star Emraan Khan reacts to being asked if Bollywood is an unfair workplace

Recently, actor Emraan Hashmi talked about the challenges that come with working in the film industry. The veteran actor of Tiger 3 stated, "It is a perspective."
One of Bollywood's most intriguing and well-liked actors is Emraan Hashmi. He had an outstanding appearance in Salman Khan's Tiger 3 movie last year. The actor recently discussed how the industry is "unfair" at a press conference for Showtime's upcoming web series. It all comes down to perspective, he said.

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Emraan Hashmi shares his views on the Bollywood industry

During Showtime's web series trailer debut, a question was posed to Emraan Hashmi on how he managed to stay relevant in the industry. He emphasized the notion that the business is an "unfair place." "I believe that the perspective of an employee is what matters when people claim that Bollywood is an unjust or terrible workplace," he stated. I don't think it's an unjust place to be if you can handle adversity and are resilient.

In addition to hard work, he said that luck plays a role in success in the field. "But you'll have to be prepared for challenges and hassles if you don't have that or if you're not willing to work hard. In addition to the surroundings and luck component, everyone works hard. You must possess the ability to accept it."You have to roll with the punches because it's a pretty equitable place."

Emraan Hashmi talks about the South film industry

Emraan Hashmi stated in an interview that Bollywood is not as disciplined as the South Indian film business. He clarified that in contrast to Bollywood, every dollar invested in a movie is displayed on screen. "I believe that money is frequently wasted in Hindi movies, and it eventually shows on screen. When it comes to scale, inventive narrative selection, and visual effects, their films are just amazing. Before we can equal that, we still have a long way to go, and there is a lot we can learn from the way they produce movies.

Regarding his career, Emraan Hashmi will next be seen in a web series on Showtime. On March 8, it will make its Disney+ Hotstar debut.

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