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Shah Rukh Khan film Jawan Hits USD 35M Overseas, Move towards 1000 Cr Worldwide

Jawan made USD 7.30 million over its second weekend abroad, bringing its total worldwide revenue to USD 35.60 million (Rs. 296 crores). Jawan shown greater resilience than Pathaan, declining by only 57% from one weekend to the next as opposed to Pathaan's 60% decline. With this weekend's earnings, Jawan continues on course to make nearly USD 45 million abroad. It might surpass Pathaan (USD 49.40 million), the highest-grossing Bollywood film outside of China, if it has significant late legs.

The Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster's global total has increased to Rs. 862 crores after accounting for the substantial Rs. 566 crores from its local Indian audience. It is currently on track to surpass the historic Rs. 1000 crores milestone in the coming days. After Pathaan, Jawan will be the second SRK movie to earn four figures this year, when even one Rs. 1000 crore (without China) looked unimaginable for a Bollywood movie at the beginning of the year. The only other Bollywood movie to earn more than Rs. 1000 crores is Dangal.

With USD 12.15 million following the second weekend, North America remains the largest market. Gulf nations have made USD 11.65 million more than it has, putting it ahead of where Pathaan was after the second weekend. The United Kingdom is in third place with earnings of GBP 2.35 million, 30% behind Pathaan. This gap may seem unimpressive, but Pathaan was acting completely insanely because it is difficult to raise even GBP 1 million. Notably, most of the overseas regions have given Jawan restrictive age ratings. That has historically been a significant barrier, particularly in the UK.

Australia has done well elsewhere with AUD 3.65 million. Here, the second weekend had a 15% higher attendance rate than in Pathaan. After Dilwale, Malaysia is the second-highest grossing Bollywood film in the market with RM 4.20 million. With almost USD 1.50 million between them, the Indian subcontinent marketplaces in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives are strong. The only other European market after Pathaan is Germany, which has EUR 610K.

Below is a territorial breakdown of Jawan's foreign box office earnings.

Americas- USD 12,325,000

United States- USD 8,350,000

Canada- USD 3,800,000

Rest Of America- USD 175,000

Asia/ Oceania- USD 6,175,000

Australia- USD 2,350,000

Malaysia- USD 900,000

Nepal- USD 700,000

Singapore- USD 650,000

New Zealand- USD 450,000

Srilanka- USD 275,000 Approx

Rest Of Asia- USD 850,000 (Including Bangladesh)

Middle East And Africa: USD 12,000,000

UAE: USD 7,150,000

GCC: USD 4,500,000

Africa And Rest Of Middle East- USD 350,000

Europe: USD 5,075,000

United Kingdom: USD 2,930,000

Germany- USD 650,000

France-USD 350,000

Nordics: USD 290,000

Netherlands: USD 280,000

Rest Of Europe: USD 575,000

Total- USD 35,575,000/ Rs 296 Crores