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BREAKING: Welcome To The Jungle to be announced in a GRAND manner on Akshay Kumar’s birthday

Currently, Akshay Kumar is enjoying life to the fullest thanks to OMG 2's phenomenal success. The movie encountered several difficulties before it was released, and it also received a "A" rating. Nevertheless, it was able to raise more than Rs. 140 crores because to the publicity and word-of-mouth. He revealed on September 6 that the teaser for his forthcoming movie, Mission Raniganj, would be released on September 7. The superstar will make further announcements this week in addition to that one.

Akshay Kumar birthday is on Saturday, September 9, a source told Bollywood Hungama. On this day, Welcome To The Jungle's announcement will be made. The creators believed that now was the ideal time to make the eagerly anticipated news. It's like a gift from the producers to Akshay Kumar's envious fan following on his big day!"

Indian movie, action scenes will take place on aircraft carriers. It will be produced on a scale and in a spectacular manner that have never previously been seen in Indian film.
It will have a very strong and emotional patriotic touch towards the end," he continued. The jungle will be the setting for 65-70% of the movie. 

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