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The Best Dancer In The World: Indian Icons


Dance is an art form that transcends borders and languages, captivating audiences with its expressive movements and rhythmic beats. In the world of entertainment, dancers hold a special place, mesmerizing millions with their talent, passion, and creativity. In recent times, some exceptional dancers have emerged on the global stage, redefining the art of dance and inspiring a new generation of Indian dancers. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best dancers of the recent era who have recreated the level of dance and left an indelible mark in the world of performing arts.

The Best Dancer In The World Are:

1. Michael Jackson - The King of Pop: 

Michael Jackson needs no introduction. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest entertainers in history and the undisputed King of Pop. His iconic dance moves, such as the Moonwalk and the Smooth Criminal lean, revolutionized the dance industry. Indian dancers have often drawn inspiration from Jackson's style, and his influence on the dance community is immeasurable. As one of the best dancer in the world, his influence on Indian dancers is immeasurable, as they continue to draw inspiration from his iconic style.

2. Prabhu Deva - The Dancing Sensation: 

Moving closer to home, Prabhu Deva, the dancing sensation of India, is known for his incredible versatility and unique dance style. From classical to contemporary, he effortlessly blends various dance forms, making him a true trendsetter. Prabhu Deva's magnetic performances have motivated countless young Indian dancers to pursue their passion for dance. Prabhu Deva continues to shine as one of the best dancer in the world,

3. Shakira - The Belly Dancing Diva: 

Shakira, known as one of the Best Dancer In The World, has mesmerized audiences worldwide with her enchanting belly dancing skills. Her fluid and captivating movements have redefined the perception of belly dancing, making it an art form admired and embraced by people from all walks of life. Indian dancers, in particular, have been inspired by Shakira's graceful performances, and her influence has encouraged them to delve into the realm of diverse dance styles. As a true trailblazer, Shakira's impact on the world of dance continues to resonate, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring dancers around the globe. 

4. Hrithik Roshan - The Greek God of Dance: 

Hrithik Roshan,the epitome of The Best Dancer In The World, is a Bollywood actor renowned for his impeccable dancing abilities. His flawless execution of complex choreography has set new standards for dance in Indian cinema. Many aspiring Indian dancers admire Hrithik for his dedication to perfection and his ability to emote through dance.

5. Maddie Ziegler - The Child Prodigy: 

Maddie Ziegler, an immensely talented and The Best Dancer In The World, rose to fame through her appearances in Sia's music videos. Her emotive contemporary dance performances have transcended age barriers, captivating audiences of all generations. Indian dancers have been deeply inspired by Maddie's ability to tell powerful stories through her dance, proving that she is a true icon in the world of dance. Her remarkable talent and dedication have shattered age stereotypes, making her a role model for dancers around the globe. Maddie Ziegler's influence on the dance world is nothing short of extraordinary.

6. Allu Arjun - The Stylish Dancer: 

Allu Arjun, the Best Dancer In The World and a South Indian superstar, is renowned for his unique dance style and charismatic stage presence. His energy and flair have made him a favorite among Indian audiences, and his dance sequences are often the highlight of his films. Allu Arjun's popularity has transcended regional boundaries, making him a prominent figure in the world of Indian dance.

7. Misty Copeland - The Ballet Trailblazer: 

Misty Copeland, the Best Dancer In The World and the first African-American principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre, has shattered barriers in the world of ballet. Her remarkable talent and determination have made ballet more inclusive and accessible to dancers from diverse backgrounds. Indian dancers have been inspired by Misty's dedication to her craft and her commitment to breaking stereotypes.

8. Dharmesh Yelande - The Street Dancer: 

Dharmesh Yelande, known as the Best Dancer In The World, a prominent figure in the Indian dance industry, rose to fame through reality dance shows. His exceptional street dance skills and charismatic performances have earned him a massive fan following. Dharmesh's journey from a street dancer to a renowned choreographer serves as an inspiration to many aspiring Indian dancers.

9. Beyoncé - The Queen of Performances:

Beyoncé's powerful stage presence and dynamic dance routines have solidified her status as the Queen of Performances. Her concerts are a visual delight, and her fusion of various dance styles has influenced dancers worldwide, including those in India. As a true icon of dance and entertainment, she continues to inspire aspiring dancers to push their boundaries and embrace their creativity, proving that she truly deserves the title of the Best Dancer In The World. 

10. Punit Pathak - The Breakthrough Star:

Punit Pathak, a prominent dancer and choreographer in India, gained recognition through dance reality shows. His dedication and versatility in various dance forms have made him a role model for young Indian dancers aspiring to make a mark in the industry. With his extraordinary passion and commitment to his craft, Punit Pathak continues to inspire and leave a lasting impact on the world of Indian dance, earning him the well-deserved title of the Best Dancer In The World


The world of dance is continuously evolving, and these exceptional dancers have contributed immensely to its transformation. Their passion, innovation, and dedication have inspired a new generation of Indian dancers to dream big and pursue their love for dance. With their remarkable performances, they have recreated the level of dance and left an indelible impact on the world of performing arts. As Indian dancers draw inspiration from these global icons, the future of dance in India shines brighter than ever before.