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Monday Box Office Barbie Rs 2.20 Cr MI7 Rs 1.40 Cr

Barbie, which was directed by Greta Gerwig and starred Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and others, had a strong opening weekend in India considering its limited release on only 850 screens. It earned a respectable Rs 17.10 crores nett over the weekend, and on Monday, it added another Rs 2.20 crores to bring its total to Rs 19.30 crores. The tendency is solid, and if it continues, the movie will eventually slog to a total of between Rs 35 and 40 crores. While doing exceptionally well in other film markets, it is performing quite well in India.

Barbie made about 356 million dollars in its first weekend worldwide, and it is expected to earn more than a billion dollars.
Christopher McQuarrie's Mission Impossible 7, which stars Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, and others, is on pace to gross Rs 100 crores in India. Despite fierce competition from major Hollywood blockbusters, the second Monday still has a strong hold. While it is unquestionably popular in India, the global stats are less exciting. The Barbenheimer wave has taken a heavy toll on it, and as a result, it will be unable to perform the calculations required for a clean hit to emerge.

The daily total The following are Barbie India collections:-

Rs 4.40 crores on Day 1 
Rs. 6 crores on Day 2.
Rs 6.70 Crores on Day 3
Rs 2.20 Crores On Day 4
Total: Rs 19.30 crores (net) in India over 4 days.

The daily total are the Mission Impossible 7 collections available in India:-

Rs 12.25 crores on Day 1
Rs 8.75 crores on Day 2
 Rs 9.25 crores on Day 3;
Rs 16.25 crores on Day 4
Rs. 17.50 crores On Day 5
Rs. 4.75 crores On Day 6
Rs. 4.25 Crores On Day 7
Rs 3.90 Crores On Day 8
 Rs. 3.50 Crores On Day 9 
Rs 2.50 Crores On Day 10
 Rs. 4.65 Crores On Day 11
 Rs. 4.85 Crores On Day 12
Rs 1.40 Crores On Day 13
13 days: Rs. 93.90 crores net

When and where can I watch Mission Impossible 7 and Barbie?

There are now showings of Barbie and Mission Impossible in a theatre near you.