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EXCLUSIVE: Sanjog actor Rajniesh Duggall sheds light on his Navratri plans with his daughter

Rajniesh Duggall, who has tasted success in films and the web space, made his entry into Television with the show Sanjog. The actor is seen in the daily show, Sanjog, along with Kamya Panjabi, Rajat Dahiya, and Shefali Sharma Sethi. The story of the show lives of two mothers from different backgrounds takes a turn after their daughters get swapped accidentally at the time of birth. Aarambh actor opened up Navratri celebrations at his home, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla.

Rajniesh Duggall, who plays the character of Rajeev in Zee TV’s Sanjog, mentioned, “I basically belong to Delhi and every Navratri we light ‘Akhand jyot’ at home for these 9 days and offer different types of sweets and flowers to honour goddess Durga. My wife, Pallavee and I also ensure that everyone gets to be a part of the evening and morning aarti. We generally fast on the first and last day before we celebrate Ashtami. When I was a kid, I always used to wait for Ashtami, which is my all-time favourite day of Navratri because that day I get to eat my favourite prasad– Halwa, Kala Chana and Puri. On the ninth day of Puja, we do ‘Kanya Puja’ by inviting them to our home and give them prasad and gifts. We have all celebrated Navratri with much joy and enthusiasm every year, and this year, we will try to perform all the rituals properly and involve my daughter, Teeyaa in it as well.”

Rajniesh is a family man in his real life. "Family means everything to me. My wife, my mother, my daughter, and everyone in the family, even the close friend circle, all of them are family to me. I would go to any extent to make them happy, to do things for them. Rajiv is also somewhat like that but yes, Rajiv has other traits also," the actor had shared in a previous interview.

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