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TikTok Boom! Andrew Tate gets kicked off the platform for violating policies

Witnessing a mass cancellation. Although cancel culture has gotten a bad wrap on the Internet, this time around netizens might have worked towards something pivotal for real as kickboxing champion Andrew Tate continues to experience social media suspensions and is currently permanently barred from TikTok for breaking the social media app's rules.

His profiles and videos have been suspended by the site which has significantly assisted him in building his internet popularity over the previous months. In order to entirely erase his existence from the platform, TikTok also intends to remove his duplicate movies and clips. The ban comes as a shock for his followers as over the past months, Tate rose to exponential fame with his misogynistic and problematic views of the world. 

However, social media platforms have finally caught up to his evil which when spread only multiplies. Alongside TikTok, platforms like Facebook (Meta) and Instagram also kicked out the podcaster. Andrew Tate's account and videos on TikTok were suspended for violating the platform's rules against "content that attacks, threatens, and incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanises an individual or a group," according to a statement provided to The Washington Post by TikTok. Not only has Tate previously insulted the poor but also attacked many women with his hyper-masculine mentality which many believe would adversely influence the younger generation on the platforms. 

The Internet personality has racked up more than 13 billion views on the platform which in itself raised caution. Following the ban, Tate issued an apology through a lengthy clip but no redemption seems to be coming his way.

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