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Rules for power-packed breakfast smoothies

Rules for power-packed breakfast smoothies

Healthiest ways to blend them for a great start to the day

Rules for power-packed breakfast smoothies

A smoothie is by far the healthiest quick breakfast options that can be blended within minutes. It's perfect for breakfast shirkers who cite time as the reason for starting the day on an empty stomach. Kids love a good smoothie too. Rich in protein and fiber, low in carbs and bad cholesterol, breakfast smoothies are the boss. They can be fruit-based, leafy-green-based or vegetable-based, the choice is yours. Play by these breakfast smoothie rules and you will be stepping out on a full but light stomach with energy to sustain you for half the day. 

1. Use plain Greek yoghurt

Rich in protein, thick and creamy, plain Greek yoghurt is one of the best bases for morning smoothies. Stay away from flavoured varieties no matter how low cal they claim to be since they will have some amount of added sugar and will be processed. Popstar and actress Jennifer Lopez swears by Greek yoghurt-and-berry smoothies almost every morning for keeping her in top shape. “My kids love it too,” she said in television show, Dr Oz. Avoid any kind of fruit juice in your smoothies. It will add sugar and increase the overall calories you are consuming.  

Tip: Interchange Greek yoghurt with coconut milk on the days you want more flavour

2. Hit the sweet spot naturally

Freshly chopped or frozen fruits will naturally sweeten your smoothie. Adding sugar in any form, whether refined or through canned fruit won't satiate your hunger and might cause a mid-afternoon slump.

Tip: If the smoothie isn't sweet enough, add some dates or chopped raw beetroot.

3. Pick spinach instead of kale

Yes, kale is being hailed as the supergreen of the moment. Don't reach for it just because Madonna loves it. It's a bitter leafy green and you might just open the sugar jar to make your kale smoothie go down easier. Same goes for parsley. Instead chop good ol' spinach. It's the evergreen ingredient for green smoothies.

4. Add natural protein

Protein is an essential component of a smoothie. Peanut butter, almond butter, flaxseed and silken tofu will pack in natural protein to sustain you through the day.

5. Keep it hearty

Using hearty ingredients in your smoothie will ensure you don't reach for a second serving. You will have double your quota of calories and sugar for the day. To feel full for a longer time, use fibre-rich wholesome ingredients such as avocado or oatmeal. 

6. Experiment with flavours

Sweet isn't the only flavour a breakfast smoothie has. Dig into the spice rack and add a pinch of spices like turmeric for a hint of colour, freshly grated ginger for some warmth, spicy peppers for pungency.