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Arshad Warsi: I don’t suppose Munna Bhai part 3 will happen now…

All his flicks may not have been brilliant, but Arshad Warsi has infrequently disappointed. Be it comedy or serious stuff, he brings alive the character every time. Last time, he was fully a tableware festival run and looking back, the actor and aspiring director share what keeps him going.

But Circuit has suddenly- circumvented people's minds …

Laughs) It’s okay, Munna Bhai MBBS revivified my career. I had no pictures three-four times before that. I was out of sight, gone! When will the coming film in the Munnabhai series return? We've been staying 16 times since Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Actually, I don’t suppose Part 3 will be. I wish it would, that we could have a proper check. We owe that importance to the followership, but it’s been too long.
A creative person feels claustrophobic if he's asked to do the same thing over and over again. As an actor, I want to move on. I’m sure Raju(pen-director Rajkumar Hirani) wants to do different effects too, more so because for a director each film takes many times of his life.
No matter what the part, your performances have always been so natural … Amusement comes naturally to me and I like my amusement to be natural. I don’t stress too much over it and don’t try too hard. Bas, when I hear a part, the character stays in my head till I finish the film. And when you suppose about it so much, you automatically come to the person. You start allowing and feeling like him. ( Laughs) And people say, “ Yeh to Aisa hi hai. ( He's like this joe himself) ”, which isn’t always true.

But isn’t an actor only supposed to follow the cues essential in the script and the director’s instructions. Are you allowed to extemporize?

Yes, I extemporize all the time. All actors should. I've a good sense of humour and an eye for what people like. So, there are times when I go up to the director and say, “ Should we try this? Or does the scene this way? It might look nice? ” I ’ve done it in all my pictures. After that, I leave it to the director to decide if they want to act on my suggestions or not.

So, what would be your advice to young actors?

I tell them that your mind is your biggest tool, your biggest schoolteacher.

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