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Shah Rukh Khan & Rajkumar Hirani film begins next week in Mumbai

SRK has been on Rajkumar Hirani's mind for 22 years, and their collaboration is finally happening. According to our sources, the untitled film is scheduled to premiere next week in Mumbai. "Rajkumar Hirani and Shah Rukh Khan are set to start filming this social comedy set against the backdrop of immigration around April 15. A large, Punjab-like group has set up shop at Filmcity in Mumbai, and this is where the team recording for about 40 days,” revealed a source close to the development.

It features Taapsee Pannu in a lead role, while Vicky Kaushal will appear in an extended role as the catalyst for the story. Boman Irani also appears in a pivotal role. "Rajkumar Hirani has a habit of keeping the gap between two schedules as he prefers to edit his footage into the schedule to get an idea of how his vision will translate on screen. Whereas Hirani will be working on adjusting his work for 40 days. While Therefore, SRK will be filming the next Atlee movie,” added the source, which is mainly set in Mumbai and Pune.
Shahrukh Khan In His New Look for upcoming movie

Immediately after completing Atlee's movie schedule, SRK returns to Hirani space. "Hirani Part Two in Mumbai will be followed by three more screenings in London, Budapest and the US or Canada. Filming formalities are now being considered in certain locations. Filming locations play an important role in the Hirani film. The schedule is expected to start outside sometime in July." SRK will spend the entire year on tour between Hirani and Atlee's film, and the process will also continue through the first half of next year.

"Since she had a dual role in Atlee, the filming process will be longer than usual. The source concluded that SRK has allotted around 180 days for Atlee, while Hirani's filming will take place over a period of 100 days. to 110 days". In between Atlee and Hirani's extended filming, SRK will also film his cameo in Salman Khan vs. Tiger 3. Khan's giants are tentatively expected to finish their composed scenes for Tiger 3 in June. He will also be doing some patchwork scenes for Pathan in time.

While Hirani takes place in the context of immigration, Atlee is about a heist with SRK who has the character trait as a professor from the popular Money Heist franchise. It's a dual role and one is still waiting to see how the two-character dynamic plays out.