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Rupali Ganguly Birthday: 5 adorable moments of the actress with family

The daily soap Anupamaa is one of the most popular TV shows and actress Rupali Ganguly is winning hearts with her role in the show. The actress plays a passionate mother who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after learning of her husband's infidelity. Rupali's character kept the audience glued to the screen and her on-screen love for her pristine living family melted everyone's hearts. Although she shares a beautiful relationship with family members on the show, do you know who her family members are in real life? The actress is happily married to Ashwin K Verma and has an adorable son named Rudransh. On her birthday, here are some fun photos of Rupali Ganguly with her family.

Perfect throwback treat

Rupali Ganguly  With Her Family

This bounce photo of Rupali and her husband is all about love. With a click, the couple seem to lose themselves in each other as they create memories together.

Happy Smiles

rupali-ganguli-family-moments 2

The actress shared this happy family photo on Instagram showing her husband and son. In the fovea they can be seen hugging each other and smiling. They looked really good together when they leaned on each other.

Cycling together

rupali-ganguli-family-moments 2

Despite her busy schedule, she always makes sure to spend time with the family. This is a photo of them from their family vacation where they can be seen riding bikes together.

Always better together

rupali-ganguli-family-moments 2

Rupali shared a glimpse of her entire world in one frame. She posted this happy photo of her with her husband and her son. They definitely look like the perfect family as they smile for the camera while sitting on a park bench.

Durga Puja

rupali-ganguli-family-moments 2

In this photo from last year's Durga Puja celebration, the actress can be seen smiling from ear to ear, standing next to her husband Ashwin K. Verma and her son Ella Rudransh.

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