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Debina dons a beautiful red attire and ‘sindoor' for 'Godh Bharai'

TV stars Gurmeet Chaudhry and Debina Bunerjee recently took to their social media and announced their pregnancy. The couple took to their social media handles, writing, "Becoming 3. Junior Choudhury is coming. Asking for your blessings." On Thursday, Debina Bonnerjee's family hosted a traditional Bengali-style 'Godh Bharai' party called 'saadh'.

The popular actress shared her big party photo. In the photo, Debina is seen wearing a beautiful traditional red outfit. She wore gold earrings and a sindoor. Sharing the photo, Debina wrote: “Saadh or desire in English. Desire for food of a pregnant woman is celebrated by the maternal side ( here my mother) by cooking all food the woman loves ..“Baby shower “ in western country and “godh bharayi” in north India saadh in Bengali. I didn’t particularly crave for anything during the whole journey .. so all things my mother could think of she cooked. Wanted to keep it private and entirely upto myself as I already feel a company. Sending you all wishes #debinasdiary #journey #saadh #godhbharai” The actress even shared her close-up look and revealed she ate a few kilos at her ceremony. 

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Yesterday, the mother who entered the third trimester of pregnancy shared the details of her journey. Sharing a black and white photo, Debina wrote: "Standing in my third trimester... swollen feet... Lots of running to the bathroom... Constipated... Dripping fits with sneezing, coughing or even laughing... Reminds me I'm pregnant." ..reminds me that this is real....after so many years of "no" finally becomes a "yes"behind all the cheerful dances and beautiful poses there is a strange feeling...of the post-traumatic pregnancy experience.A shadow of fear and anxiety after the initial excitement. ..."

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