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Nicole Kidman makes an unusual comment on Tom Cruise, their marriage

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has provided information about her marriage and subsequent divorce from actor Tom Cruise. Speaking about her upcoming October release, Nicole spoke about massive media scrutiny of her relationship in the '90s.

Nicole and Tom met on the set of their 1990 film Days of Thunder and were married just six months after the film's release. They have been together for more than a decade and even adopted two children. However, they parted ways in 2001.

She said her acting career has been overshadowed by her interest in her personal life and her marriage. She blames the media for that.

Nicole Kidman makes rare comment on Tom Cruise, their marriage

She said, "I was young. I guess I brought it up? Maybe I got a little more fearful, but I always try to be as open as possible. I just prefer to live in the world that way."

She further added: "Sometimes I am cautious and hurt myself, but at the same time I prefer a warm approach rather than a pointed closing approach." She added that the episode left her "open" to other experiences, such as when she finally met her now-husband, country singer Keith Urban.

"My husband, Keith, says that when he met me, he said, 'How's your heart?' And I apparently responded, 'Open,'" she said.

Keith and Nicole met in 2005 and knew at the time that she would become his wife one day. They now have three children together.

Meanwhile, Tom married Katie Holmes in 2006 after his divorce from Nicole. He had a daughter Suri with her. Katie and Tom also separated in 2012, due to their affiliation with the Church of Scientology. He has not been seen with her daughter in public since 2013.