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Lara Dutta on Indira Gandhi turning to Bell Bottom: 'I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror'

Akshay Kumar and his company released the trailer for the thriller Bell Bottom, recently in Delhi. Among many other factors, including Kumar's performance, this hack caused social media to talk about Lara Dutta's transformation into former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The actress wears an unrecognizable avatar wearing prosthetics and makeup. When the actress was asked about the casting of this character, she said, “It was Akshay who called me to offer this role in May last year. He said they are choosing a movie called Bell Bottom and he wanted me to play Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Lara Dutta in the role of formal Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi

Lara added, “I was like, how did you think of me for the role because there is barely any resemblance between the two of us in real life. But Akshay was clear that the look will be managed and they were on the lookout for an actor who has body language and presence to justify the character. I have to give Akshay a lot of credit because he saw me in this role before I could.” Lara insists that playing an iconic personality like Indira Gandhi was an opportunity she wouldn’t let pass by her. “Any actor would give a right arm to play an iconic character like Ms. Gandhi on screen. Once I committed to it, there was a huge responsibility to train her to look like her on-screen.

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Pin it on wearing prosthetics and hair makeup Lara explains, "We worked with Vikram Gaikwad to create this whole look. He first made a full mold of my face and worked all the prosthetics on it. In addition to the prosthetics, a lot of work was done on facial aging, wrinkles, and pigmentation. and of course, Mrs. Gandhi had a hairstyle that was part of her personality. We collected it all, did a look test, and were amazed by the result. I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. I thought, now that we've been able to create a resemblance already close to what she was, it's now my turn to raise performance to match appearance."

Lara Dutta and Akshay Kumar In Bell Bottom

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Lara mentioned that it took her three hours a day to apply all of her makeup. “It took three hours in the morning before I was on standby and an hour to finish everything. It was a long process, but it was well worth it.” And does it have to be boring in the early morning hours? She smiles, “I have already done 13 films with Akshay and feel very comfortable working with him. I have no problem getting up early.” For Lara, Bill Bottom’s character goes beyond prosthetics, as she also had to undergo body language training.” Director (Ranjit Tiwari) I see a lot of videos of Mrs. Gandhi. She gave her a good idea of what kind of body language she has. I made a lot of notes about her eye movements, her hand movements, the way she talks, and how clear she is in her focus. It was never exciting. Extremely. . "

Lara shares an intriguing tale that her father, Wing Commander L.K. Dutta was the personal pilot of Indira Gandhi. I've been to her many times and got to know her personally. I grew up as a child hearing stories about her. So, in a way, I felt an indirect personal connection with her,” he concludes. Bell Bottom is preparing for a worldwide theatrical release on August 19.

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