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Rhea Chakraborty Fans To Be Disappointed In Her New Movie Chehre, Said Director Rumy Jafry

The absence of Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty from director Romy Jafri's first poster and Shahri teaser, starring Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi, has caused a sensation on social media. It is also not part of the promotions for the movie. This act made fans wonder if the creators had chosen Rhea Chakraborty from their upcoming thriller. However, Rhea's appearance in the blink of an eye in the movie's trailer debunked all the conspiracy theories surrounding her isolation. And since hindi movie Chehre has been in the news for Rhea for a long time, Rumy Jafry says fans who will watch movie for Rhea will be disappointed.

"Honestly, there's not much to do in Chehre. So those who go to see my movie hoping to see Rhea do well will be disappointed. The main focus is on Bachchan Saab and Emraan's Jugalbandi. Their interaction is what gives the movie its intense appeal," said Rumy Jaffrey. 

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Rhea Chakraborty news in the  last year after the death of her boyfriend,bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant’s family accused her of complicity in suicide and diverting money from the late actor. Her name was also mentioned in the NCB indictment along with her brother Showik in a drug related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death investigation case.

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The actress is slowly and steadily recovering from her traumatic experience. She's also started posting stuff she's been busy with. Romy Jefry has also made it clear that Rhea will not be exposed to the media yet, as she is just starting to recover. “Abhhi woh apne haadse se nikal hi rahi hai.. he comes out of his shock,” said the writer and director.

Rhea’s small glimpse in the movie CHEHRE’s trailer !!

Previously, producer Anand Pandit said that Rhea Chakraborty  has always been a part of the film. He had said, "The possibility of Rhea not being in the movie at all was raised. She has been and always will be an integral part of Chehre. I don't believe in the ease of swinging."

Romy also said that he would revive Sushant and Rhea with another hero, if everything fell into place. Although Romy seemed skeptical about the ritual, he said he would definitely sign Rhea on another project.

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