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Rhea Chakraborty- The Times Most Desirable Woman of 2020

The 2020 Times 50 Most Desirable Women list includes women under 40 from various fields and focuses on the young and fresh race with sheer talent and beauty. Ranking is based on votes cast in an online poll.

Last year, Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty found herself in a terrifying off-screen role, a role she never requested and was forcibly imposed on her just days after the death of Susanth Singh Rajput: the role of the perfect villain. Before she could even mourn her loss, she was stuck in a circus without a master of ceremonies, caught up in the battle of state against state, party against party, agency against agency, and shattered in the misguided voyeur judgment of TV. Her innocence or guilt became the arena of heated debates and legal battles between the state and central agencies, between separate political allies, between police officers from different states, and between channels that demonized or humanized her. Thrown into the Colosseum, she was a wrestler who fought with many monsters, shattering her reputation, loved ones, and her career, as the audience watched her.

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But she did not collapse and stood on the ground through it all. Although she never asked for this ugly role (or to be called a gold digger, murderer, drug dealer, and witch), she has maintained her dignity amid a barrage of insinuations and abuse. With his strength, stamina, and prolonged restraint, she rose above that.

Businesses tend to believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and this is true in almost all cases. But the storm associated with Rhea Chakraborty was something beyond celebrity gossip or Big Boss fights relating to bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death investigation. He had room to break a career in a field where public perception and fan following is key. And in Bollywood and elsewhere, men will walk away from scandals, including legal cases and convictions, without their careers greatly damaged, but women are being judged stronger and longer. Is this legit? This is something the industry itself should consider, along with many other lessons from the past year.

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All the winning things this year have seen themselves lose, one by one, this year. “Mera sapne toh ab itne koso door hain ... sirf ek gehri saans lena chaati hoon, agencies jahan chaar-paanch mera peeche na padi ho,” he had said then, adding, “Sapne toh mera kabke pichad gaye, but I will We fight!"


And I fought. As Maya Angelou wrote in her masterpiece of poetry, "You can shoot me with your words, You can wound me with your eyes, You can kill me with your hate, But still, like air, I will rise..."

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