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iPhone users to get a new photo and video editing tool on Google photos

Internet search giant Google is ready to roll out new features in the Google Photos app on iOS, bringing a number of editing features it already offers to Android users.

Google's community manager announced, in a photo help forum post, that "smart, easy-to-use features" will be rolling out to iOS users.

Google Photos on iPhones will soon start showing a new tab in the photo editor that uses machine learning to give you personalized suggestions for the specific photo you're editing. These suggestions include a number of editing features, such as brightness, contrast, and more.

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Apart from this, Google Photos will also show suggestions like Enhance and Colour Pop for iPhone users. "We will continue to add more suggestions over time to help make your portraits, landscapes, sunsets, and more stand out," the post said.

For Google Photos users who want to know what changes have been applied, several suggestions will show the specific edits that changed the photo. This, according to Google, will allow users to use more fine-grained controls for further customization.

Video editing tools will also offer a bunch of new features like cropping, stabilization, cropping, and adjusting various themes like contrast, highlights, and more. The new features to iPhones come just in time, as Apple recently announced the new capabilities in Apple Photos in iOS 15 during the WWDC 2021 keynote on Monday. The Google Photos update should be rolling out to iOS devices now, so iPhone users can keep up with their news. Some photo editing features on Android require a Google One subscription, and this may also be the case on iOS.

Recently, Google Photos stopped providing free unlimited backups of Google Photos in high quality. This means that all the photos that users back up to Google Photos, either in high quality or in original quality, will take up the 15GB of free Google account storage that is shared in Gmail and Drive. Previously, only photos backed up in original quality took up Google account storage.

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