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[EXCLUSIVE] Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's Shivangi Joshi: Playing Naira For A Very Long Time In Addition To And Afterward Getting Into Another Character Was A Test

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai entertainer Shivangi Joshi opened up on playing Sirat and the difficulties she confronted while doing the job. Look at the entire story to discover more.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's new romantic tale is going to start. Kartik and Naira otherwise known as #Kaira turned into most a few TV towns. They have an insane fan following however the passing of Naira in the show had left everybody frustrated. In any case, Shivangi got back with another character in the show. She presently plays Sirat Shekhawat who has entered Kartik's life. Sirat is a fighter and looks precisely the same as Naira. Shivangi Joshi has given her best exhibition in the show without fail. Her character in the show has consistently had such countless various layers yet she has dazzled us each time with her splendid presentation. As Naira, she was an expert artist who possessed a dance institute, and now as Sirat, she is a fighter. Shivangi Joshi got the hang of boxing for her new character and had even shared that it was so hard to get familiar with the game.

Presently, she has again spoken about picking up boxing for her new character, Sirat. Shivangi said, "This was my first tryst with boxing and I should disclose to you it requires a lot of physical and mental equilibrium to do boxing. I train for 2 hours everyday post-get-together under a boxing coach. I understood that boxing likewise has a lot to do with mind presence and on-spot estimations. One wrong move and you can get yourself injured severely." She likewise uncovered that playing another character in a similar show was a test. She said, "Genuinely when I was recently informed that Naira will bite the dust in the show, I consequently had destroyed moving my cheeks and it is my mom who revealed to me not to cry when I understood the tears. The feelings for Naira were solid and repulsing. Playing Naira for great 4 years in addition to and afterward to get into another character was most likely a test. Individuals cherished Naira and our Jodi Kaira with Mohsin. It was a large enough test for me to pull my new character Sirat off, yet I surmise individuals enjoyed that as we had a good ascent in the TRPs also, on account of the producers and their extraordinary storyline."

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She was additionally inquired as to whether she dreaded being perpetually known as this character from the show in the wake of assuming a similar part for such countless years. Shivangi Joshi shared, "An exemplary model would be the current circumstance, while I realize Naira will in every case live in me and in crowd's heart, I have gotten a lot of adoration and appreciation from the crowd for Sirat's character. My online media messages are brimming with them and I experience every single message of the fans. Their adoration is unqualified and I am thankful for that."

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