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Why Kourtney Kardashian Thinks Travis Barker Is So 'Attractive': Their Romance Is' More' Than Just 'Physical'

In this article, check out all about Kourtney Kardashian and Tervis Barker's relationship and romance.

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Kourtney Kardashian 'loves' numerous things about Travis Barker. A source clarifies why she prefers the Blink-182 drummer and has a particularly 'enthusiastic sentiment' with him!

Kourtney Kardashian, 41, and Travis Barker, 45, "interface on such countless levels," a Kardashian. "They're having a great time, energetic sentiment." However, "there's route more to it than simply an actual association," our insider explains, who clarifies why precisely Kourtney finds the Blink-192 drummer so "provocative."

"Kourtney loves that Travis is so energetic about music, he's in his studio drumming and delivering music consistently. She imagines that sort of responsibility is hot," our source clarifies. However, the hero's interests go past music, as well: his different diversions likewise sync up with Kourtney's own obsessions.

"He's similarly as fixated on working out and eating well as she is so that is a major association for them," our source uncovers. Fun reality — Kourtney likewise uncovered that Travis was an individual from her casual summer exercise "camp" in Aug. 2020.

Travis is "additionally dispatching his own CBD Wellness brand which is something that Kourtney has offered him guidance on," our source goes on. Travis just reported the brand through his Instagram Story on Feb. 16, which turned out to be exactly the same day he and Kourtney became Instagram official! Travis's new health items will be "veggie-lover, THC-FREE" and "cannabinoid-injected," as per the bio on the Barker Wellness Co Instagram page.

Since Kourtney is the showrunner of her own way of life and sound living web journal that makes wellbeing items also, there is a great deal of shared view among Kourtney and Travis. "He has plenty of organizations going, he prepares to stun the world picture, which she enjoys thus does her family," our source proceeds, who adds that the reality Travis is "thoroughly calm is a major in addition to for Kourtney," since "there's no dramatization."

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Concerning what has been pushing Travis to pursue these endeavors (and this new sentiment with Kourtney), he just "carries on with life to the fullest since the time his plane accident," according to the source Travis was only one of the two overcomers of the Learjet 60 business fly plane accident that occurred in South Carolina in 2008. Tragically, six individuals kicked the bucket from the accident, which left Travis with second and severely charred areas.


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"He doesn't and will do nothing half-a**ed," our subsequent source proceeds, considering the misfortune that happened over 12 years back. "Furthermore, his relationship with Kourtney is vital to him since he has known her for an extremely prolonged stretch of time, he regards her personally and a mother, and he truly appreciates the occasions they have with one another. They have a stunning association, and she adores the affection for life that he has and truly takes that energy to their relationship, it causes everything to feel exceptionally invigorated."

Kourtney and Travis likewise have an extraordinary association since they have been Calabasas neighbors since 2007. This drove their youngsters to ultimately become companions too! "Kourtney and Khloe [Kardashian] live on a similar road as us and [Travis' kids] Landon and Alabama are close with [Kourtney's kids] Mason and Penelope," Travis once revealed to Entertainment Tonight in 2017.

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