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Top 10 Car Batteries in India – Review and Price List

We have and consistently will fear the second when our vehicle abruptly stops because of a dead battery. It truly is a debacle. So picking the correct vehicle battery that works for quite a while with no issues is significant. The vehicle battery is the focal force center point in our vehicle.

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The fundamental capacity of the vehicle battery as the name recommends is it stores power. The battery gives the important power to begin your vehicle and ensures each and every electrical segment in your vehicle has required shocks of capacity to keep it running easily. This cycle keeps your vehicle running smooth and consistent with no disappointment. So it makes the battery a basic and significant piece of your vehicle.

Top Car Battery Brands to purchase in India

1) Exide

Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH Battery

Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH Battery


Exide Industries is perhaps the biggest producer of car stockpiling batteries on the planet. With assembling plants present in India and Sri Lanka, Exide enterprises have vendor networks in more than 46 nations. Exide additionally has four lead-corrosive battery reusing offices in the U.S, Spain, and Portugal.

So it is protected to state that you can never turn out badly by picking vehicle batteries from Exide Industries. Exide offers a wide scope of moderate, low-upkeep, and durable vehicle batteries for a wide range of car brands and models.

The Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH is one of the mainstream vehicle batteries from Exide. As the name recommends, it is a 45 AH limit battery with 12 V battery voltage. It comes at a conservative measurement with a weight estimating just at 14.5 kilograms.

This item is certified with a high-level Ca-Ca framework which makes it extraordinary among other vehicle batteries. It additionally has an unrivaled charge acknowledgment framework. The twofold clad polyethylene and glass tangle division present in it upgrades the life of the battery. So you won't get influenced by any issues for quite a while.

You can purchase this item from the approved vendor to get a guarantee for a very long time. Generally, this is probably the best battery from Exide for your vehicle.


Ca-Ca combination framework – This framework present in the battery guarantees no garnish up is vital during the whole assistance life of the battery.

Upgraded battery life – The twofold clad polyethylene and glass tangle partition present in this battery guarantees it goes on for quite a while.


Hight guarantee period

Great quality vehicle battery

High battery limit


Estimated somewhat higher

2) Amaron from Amara Raja

Amaron Go-BH 38B20R Go 12V 35Ah Front Car Battery

Amaron Car Battery

Amaron is the mainstream vehicle battery brand by the Amara Raja Group. Situated in Tirupati, Amara Raja Group is an India-based global organization. It has a presence in the car battery business, bundled nourishments, and drinks, hardware item producing, framework area, power framework creation, and manufacture of sheet metal items and latches.

However, the vehicle battery brand Amaron is the famous item fabricated by this organization as they are known for this item. Amazon is the second-biggest selling car battery brand in India after Exide.

The Amaron Go-BH 38B20R is a famous vehicle battery item from Amaron. It is a processing plant new battery that is wet transported and prepared to dispatch. This battery is furnished with numerous highlights, for example, high-heat resilience, vibration opposition, and high hold limit. So Amaron Go will be ideal for Indian vehicles.

The high turning power present in the battery assists with beginning your vehicle even in extraordinary climate conditions. It is additionally impervious to erosion because of the superior silver amalgams present in the battery. The conservative size with less weight of the battery makes it simple to lift or change the position. Generally, with every one of these highlights, the Amaron Go is outstanding amongst other vehicle batteries to purchase in the event that you would prefer not to pick the Exide vehicle batteries.


High Cranking power – It assists with beginning the vehicle in outrageous conditions

Premium Silver composite (Silven X) – It guarantees the battery has high consumption obstruction


Long life

Support free

High guarantee period

Minimal size and weight

3) Tata Green

Goodbye Green Batteries 1419511267 TG Series TG400R 12V 35Ah...


The Tata Green vehicle batteries is another solid vehicle batteries for you to purchase. This vehicle battery is created by the TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt Ltd. This gathering is a joint endeavor between TATA AutoComp Systems and the GS Yuasa International (GYIN) gathering.

Goodbye AutoComp Systems is one of the biggest car battery makers in India and its accomplice GS Yuasa International is one of the biggest car battery producers in Japan. They are a world chief in bike and four-wheeler batteries. So you will get a standout amongst other vehicle batteries the business has to bring to the table when you pick the Tata Green vehicle batteries.

These batteries use cutting edge innovation to convey the best for a wide range of vehicles while being 90% recyclable.

The Tata Green Batteries 1419511267 arrangement is a standout amongst other accessible in the market by Tata Green. It accompanies a vent plug which makes the battery simple to utilize. The holder where the battery is put is Yuasa protected and it covers the battery and holds the plan for quite a while. The battery likewise has some extra highlights like consumption safe lattice configuration, high warmth obstruction, and crossover innovation for business taxi applications.

This TG arrangement battery comes at a load of 9.8 kg, so it is anything but difficult to convey and lift to move places. At long last, this item can be purchased by supplanting your old battery which decreases the cost of the new battery. Intended for Indian streets, the Tata Green battery is probably the best pick for your vehicle.


Yuasa licensed battery compartment – It covers and holds the plan for quite a while.


Consumption obstruction

High warmth opposition

Replaceable with old battery to decrease the cost

Simple to utilize vent plugs


Viable with just restricted vehicle types

4) Okaya

Okaya wheels vehicle battery 35 ah

Okaya wheelz vehicle battry 35 ah

OKAYA produces a wide scope of batteries that are reasonable for a wide range of uses. They have an assorted item classification that incorporates Tubular Battery, Inverter Battery, Solar Battery, SMF Battery, and E-Rickshaw Battery. Okaya is the sole maker of Tubular batteries which is the best for power back up.

They produce eco-accommodating, ISO ensured, and totally recyclable batteries. So the wastage is limited and the batteries satisfy the duty towards the climate. The items are made of the best quality material with the most recent innovation. So you can purchase the Okaya batteries with no apprehensions as Okaya has been an image of trust and quality for quite a long time.

The Okaya Wheelz vehicle battery 35 ah is the top-rated vehicle battery from Okaya which is accessible on the lookout. It has a decent 35 amp with 12-volt limit. Appropriate for all sort of four-wheeler car, this battery from Okaya has additionally got simple beginning ability. With a long term guarantee, this battery is truly outstanding in the market that you can decide for your vehicle.



Two-year producing guarantee

Simple beginning capacity

Appropriate for all kind of Automotives

5) Luminous

Brilliant CARMAXX PLUS CPL 38B20R 35AH


Iridescent predominantly fabricates inverters and vehicle batteries. These batteries from Luminous are intended to fulfill the needs of intensity from all the electrical segments in your vehicle and can begin your vehicle with no exertion. With seven assembling units and in excess of 28 deals workplaces in India, Luminous is one of the biggest battery makers in India for more than 30 years.

Aside from inverters, and vehicle batteries, Luminous Power Technologies additionally makes a scope of creative items in force reinforcement, home electrical, private sun oriented force, and inverter batteries.

The car batteries from Luminous are fueled with the silver compound innovation. So it can offer better power, erosion opposition, longer help life, and a problem free battery experience. The silver compound innovation likewise gives up to 30 % high wrenching current.

The bug catching network framework structure in the battery can give high sturdiness even in extraordinary climate and temperature conditions. With low support and spill-evidence innovation, this is probably the best battery accessible on the lookout. You can get it online from the official site or from the Amazon site.


Framework structure plan – This structure gives high strength in outrageous climate conditions.

Silver amalgam innovation – This innovation can offer better power with high consumption obstruction that can carry on with a long life.


High solidness

High wrenching current

Quality item

6) Amco

Amco ATZ5L ATZ-VRLA Black 5 Amps Battery for 2 Wheelers

Amco car Battery

Amco battery restricted is a vehicle and business battery organization based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They are one of the main car battery providers in India which goes under a piece of the Amalgamation Group.

They additionally produce a wide scope of other electrical segments like inverter, Genset, and UPS batteries. For the most part known for the bike battery, Amco likewise has a decent assortment of determination in the four-wheeler battery. At first established in 1932 by a German public, Amco has progressed significantly in making a portion of the main electrical segments in India.

The Amco power star 32 ah battery is the best vehicle battery accessible from Amco. Made for a four-wheeler, this battery comes at only 11 kilograms in weight. So it is minimal and simple to convey. The 32 ah battery limit is useful for most sorts of car. The battery likewise accompanies a three-year guarantee from the date of purchase. The Amco battery is extraordinary compared to other you can select for your vehicle.

7) PowerZone from Amara Raja

Force Zone PowerZone Car Battery (AUC-PZ-00PZ8000R)

Force Zone PowerZone Car Battery

Amara Raja Batteries Limited is the main producer of car batteries in India. We have just observed the Amaron battery brand from Amara Raja on the rundown. The PowerZone is the other battery brand from Amara Raja, which is conveyed through container India deals and administration retail organization.

Essentially known for lead-corrosive batteries for modern and car purposes, the Amara Raja is the favored provider of batteries to significant telecom specialist organizations, telecom gear producers, UPS area, Indian railroads, and oil and gas organizations.

The PowerZone battery predominantly takes into account the rustic and semi-metropolitan India's hostage power needs through its retail sources. The PowerZone 80 ah limit battery has a dependable execution with great strength. It additionally packs highlights, for example, non-foldable plan, non-stain obstruction among others.

With a 12 v force limit, it supplies the force needed to get your vehicle moving with no difficulty. There is no gathering needed with this battery. So you are getting a dependable vehicle battery by picking the PowerZone.



Non-stain safe

Non-foldable plan

Dependable execution

No get together required


Estimated is somewhat high

Rundown of Best Car Battery in India

Product Price

Exide Mileage Car Battery 32ah

Price ₹ 4,434

EXIDE Mileage MRED DIN 44R/L/44LH 44AH Battery

Price ₹ 5,399

BATTERY BOOSTER Battery Vaccine for Car

Price ₹ 325

VRT Battery Terminals, Petrol Car Battery Cable Terminal...

Price  225

SYGA Black and Red 2M 500A Copper Wire Auto Battery Line...

Price   349

Mammoth® Car Heavy Duty || Jumper Cable Battery Storage ||...

Price  ₹ 849

Expansion BOARDY vehicle battery charger 12v hardcore completely...

Price  ₹ 1,599

Sankirtan Premium Car Heavy Duty Booster Cables|| Auto...

Price  ₹ 849

Pixnor Battery Disconnect Switch for Car (Red)

Price  ₹ 657

VRT Premium Car Heavy Duty Booster Cables|| Auto Battery...

Price  ₹ 699

Check for any erosion and earth on the battery. In the event that you locate any, perfect it right away.

Keep besting up the electrolytes with refined water.

Continue checking for the voltage of the batteries. Utilize a voltmeter. In the event that the voltmeter records a perusing between 12.7v – 12.8v, your vehicle battery is charged totally.

Continue charging the batteries inside a quarter of a year with real battery chargers.

Purchasing Guide for vehicle battery

In the event that you are new to the car world and are considering how to purchase a vehicle battery. Here are a few things to pay special mind to in the vehicle battery.

Battery Size and Shape

Vehicle batteries come in different sizes and shapes. So you ought to pick the one that fits entirely in the battery plate of your vehicle. You can check the manual of the vehicle or talk with a technician to discover the size of the battery that fits in your vehicle.


There are two kinds of support accessible in the vehicle battery type. The low support batteries are unlocked with covers so you can add refined water when required. The upkeep free sort is fixed and has no requirement for substitution as the fluid electrolyte present can run all through the battery life. Attempt to purchase an upkeep free battery for your vehicle as it will offer a problem-free encounter.


It is prescribed to purchase a battery that has a more drawn out guarantee period and free substitution period. With this, you can get a free fix of your vehicle battery if there should be an occurrence of any issues.

Force Requirement

It is the energy to begin a vehicle at various temperatures. CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) is the energy to begin a vehicle at 0-degree Fahrenheit while CA (Cranking Amps) is the energy to begin a vehicle at 32-degree Fahrenheit. Batteries with higher CCA are prescribed to purchase.


The battery is a significant piece of any car. So it is insightful to pick a battery after a total investigation of your vehicle and diverse battery producers. We trust our survey of various brands and purchasing guide helps you in getting the best vehicle battery.

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