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Breaking News- Urvashi Rautela supporting farmers in Chandigarh

Urvashi Rautela who hails from Uttarakhand has been vocal while displaying her help towards the ranchers. The entertainer additionally took to online media as of late as she shared her musings through a solid note that quickly read - Without ranchers, we wouldn't approach food and other fundamental necessities. Pause for a minute to truly like this calling and all the difficult work and commitment the homestead life requires. Ranchers are the foundation of our country. They need our regard not compassion and we will give it.

In the most recent turn of events, the Pagalpanti entertainer who's as of now in Chandigarh went above and beyond as she remained by the ranchers, joining their dissent. Found in the image, is Urvashi with nonconformists holding bulletins that read – We should go with rancher to Delhi.

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Revealing more insight into the equivalent, a source near the entertainer referenced, "Urvashi was in Chandigarh for some work. From that point, she was going to the air terminal to take a trip to Haridwar to go to a wedding service of a relative. Notwithstanding, because of the band and the fights she was unable to arrive at the air terminal on schedule and failed to catch the plane."

The source adds, "Rather than seething, Urvashi, who's been emphatically supporting the ranchers began strolling to the air terminal, and in transit, she spotted ranchers fighting for their privileges. In this way, she went along with them and remained by them even in the singing warmth. She even collaborated with them getting some information about their perspectives and issues they are looking over the new rural laws."

Thumbnail Image Source- Times Of India