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Bigg Boss 14: Does the first love story of the Bigg Boss 14 begins

Pavitra Punia expressed her feelings for Eijaz Khan, who doesn't feel the same way back.

Tuesday's scene begins with Hina Khan asking Eijaz Khan whether everything is sorted among him and his good buddy Pavitra Punia.

The entertainer says he doesn't consider her as his closest companion particularly after she voted him this week.

Hina advises him to give her a possibility as she feels Pavitra is possessive about him, however, Eijaz isn't intrigued.

In the living area, everybody begins prodding Pavitra, however, she clarifies that Eijaz isn't keen on her and that in the event that anything is to occur, it will possibly happen when they go out of the Bigg Boss house.

That is when Eijaz strolls in and says that they will hug each other just when one of them gets expelled from the show.

Afterward, Rubina asks Pavitra about Eijaz and for what reason she is upset. She says she had a go at getting him and drawing near to him yet he didn't respond.

Additionally, she didn't care for the manner in which he talked about their equation before everybody.

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In the kitchen zone, Jasmin tells everybody that they ought to choose the seven things to be brought from the BB shopping mall for the afternoon.

The housemates arrive at a resolution with no contention.

In any case, they neglect to get some information about Shehzad Deol's requests.

At the point when he discovers, he begins contending with Jaan Sanu and Jasmin.

Hina discloses to Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan that the contenders ought not to have permitted Jasmin to get two things from the shopping mall.

Anyway, after a ton of hollering and contentions, Jasmin clears the misconception with Shehzad and controls the circumstance.

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In the garden area, Nikki Tamboli and Jaan get into a verbal disagreement.

The last is annoyed with Nikki for provoking him since morning.

In spite of the fact that they fix up inevitably, Nishant Malkhani and Jaan talk about how Nikki is extremely juvenile.

Shehzad has a word with Pavitra and Abhinav and they talk about keeping their gathering solid and not assigning each other at any expense in the event that they need to proceed in the game.

Since Rubina, Jasmin and Eijaz are additionally with them, they feel their gathering has a bit of leeway over the other four housemates.

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At night, Bigg Boss declares another insusceptibility task called Mere Angane Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai.

The housemates are separated into two gatherings and they need to transform the nursery region into wonderful farmland.

Abhinav, Rubina, Jasmin, Jaan, and Shehzad are in one group while Pavitra, Eijaz, Rahul, and Nishant are in the other.

Sid, Hina, and Gauahar are retailers and the housemates need to persuade them to give the crude materials required for their farmland.

Nikki is approached to direct the assignment.

At the point when the bell goes off, all the housemates start the assignment with a ton of energy however off course.

Rather than making and brightening their farmland, both the groups get occupied with decimating each other's homestead even before it's prepared.

Nikki, as the sanchalak, doesn't mediate and allows the hopefuls to contestants.

It's extremely evident that she's supporting Nishant's group.

Jasmin, Abhinav, and Jaan blame Nikki for being uncalled for.

Indeed, even Gauahar asks her a couple of times if she's making a decision about the undertaking effectively however Ms. Tamboli is undaunted.

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Bigg Boss ends the task twice and causes the housemates to comprehend that the game isn't about decimation yet rather fabricating their own farmlands.

He cautions them about observing the standards and managing the work in the correct way.

After the farmland task closes for the afternoon, everybody is back inside the house.

Jasmin and Eijaz have a good time talk in the kitchen territory regardless of getting into a fight during the errand.

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In the garden area, Nishant, Nikki, Jaan, and Rahul hang out together.

At the point when Jaan inquires as to whether she would go out on the town with him outside the house, the last denies saying he is her bhaijaan.

Rahul and Nishant test Jaan's sanity and he takes it sportingly.

He says he truly enjoys Nikki yet tragically, she doesn't.

Their pleasant discussion turns genuine when Nishant says that Jaan glances youthful before Nikki.

That is when Jaan leaves, yet he uncovers that Nishant really called Nikki youthful in the early evening when they two were examining about her.

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