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Why people are boycotting Mirzapur 2

Recently, the much-awaited release date of the second season of the popular crime drama Mirzapur was announced and social media went into a frenzy. Social media got flooded with the tweets and memes from the excited fans of the show, who were looking forward to the second edition of the show. Fans have been urging the makers to release the second season of the series soon as per the popularity gained by his first season. 

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They have been sharing memes, urging the makers to release the season soon so that they can binge-watch the show once again. But now a few people are urging to ban the season 2. 

The reason for such hatred is the led actor of the series, Ali Fazal’s tweets from December 2019, during the CAA NRC protest surfaced again and people are citing that the actor ignited mobs. One of the tweets of Ali read as “protests: Suru Majboori Mein Kiye They, ab Maja aa Raha hai!!!” 

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